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About our diapers

Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth diapering - BubuBébé style!  Our diapers feature a unique snap-as-you-grow soaker system that allows you to customize your diaper to suit your baby’s absorbency needs.
We carry two sizes of diapers: multi-size & newborn size
Our multi-size diapers fit approximately 8lbs - 35lbs
(Approximate rise: Small - 14.5", Medium - 15.5", Large - 18"). 
Our newborn size diapers fit approximately 5lbs - 15lbs
(Approximate rise: 12-13"). 
(We can also make an oversize multi-size diaper which is a bit roomier throughout.  Oversize diapers are available with Serged edges only.  These diapers have about 1/4-1/2" extra around the entire diaper and soakers for a roomier fit.  This size is available through a custom order only).
Every multi-size diaper comes with 3 soakers as pictured below (newborn size diapers come with 2 soakers):

Our diapers are finished in two edge styles: Serged or T&T
Serged edges have a colored super soft woolly thread to match the snaps/diaper.
T&T edges are turned and topstitched with no thread that rests on baby's skin.  This is the best option for a baby with VERY sensitive skin.

In this picture, you can see the T&T edge on the left with the red serged edge on the right.

We carry several styles of multi-size diapers.  Regular Fitteds, All-in-2s, Sleepytime (nighttime)
Our regular fitted multi-size diapers feature a cute knit or minkee outer layer.  The core is a super absorbent organic bamboo/cotton fleece.  We have lined the diaper with a super soft cotton or organic bamboo/cotton velour (specified in the title of the diaper you're viewing).  Each soaker features 2 layers of organic bamboo/cotton fleece, topped with cotton or bamboo velour (matching the inner velour).
**Fitted diapers require a cover, however, many people let their babies go coverless at home, changing baby when the diaper is damp.
 Our AI2's feature either a PUL outer or a Designer Woven fabric with a hidden PUL layer.  The diaper is lined with microfleece or microsuede which helps to whisk away dampness to the inner core absorbent layer of bamboo/cotton fleece.  These diapers have been designed to be used as either an AI2 or a pocket diaper.  They come with a full set of velour covered soakers just as our fitted diapers do.  The soakers can be tucked inside of the pocket for a pocket style diaper or they can be laid on top of the liner for an AI2 style diaper (tutorial here).

PUL is a waterproof barrier that helps to keep dampness inside of the diaper.  AI2 diapers are designed to not require a cover as they have a "built-in" cover (PUL).  Because PUL diapers do not have any stretch in them, they fit a bit differently than our regular fitted diapers (even though they are the same design).

**AI2's don't require a cover, however, I don't recommend them for nighttime use unless you have a light wetter.

Sleepytime diapers are our night time diapers.  We've taken our regular fitted multi-size diapers and tweaked them by adding an extra layer of bamboo/cotton fleece to the diaper core and to EACH soaker.  For another layer of absorbency, these diapers have an outer layer of either cotton velour, organic bamboo velour or minky (specified in the title of the diaper you are viewing).

Some additional information on our Sleepytime diaper options:
 Clownin'  Diapers have three different colors of velour on the inside, outside & soakers, providing a unique color combination for your little one.  If you don't see a color combination that you like, you can request one through customs.  We offer Cotton or Bamboo velour Clownin'  Sleepytime diapers. 

Simply Luxurious diapers feature a matching super soft cotton or bamboo velour as the outside & inside of your diaper.  With an absorbent bamboo fleece in the middle, these diapers are super absorbent and perfect for nighttime use.  Simple.  Luxurious.  Love!
Simply Luxurious diaper examples below:

Our Multi-size & AI2 tutorials can be seen here.

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