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* Please note that shipping is from Canada and has been taking 1-2 weeks, but has in rare cases taken a full month.
Thank you for your patience!

ATTN: CANADIANS!! If you wish to pay in CDN funds, check out with your order, but do NOT pay through Paypal.
Send me an email instead and I'll invoice you in CDN funds.


Frequently Asked Questions
When do you stock?
Mondays at 12pm (noon) EST
Do you make customs?
Yes.  Check our customs page for more details.
How do I get on your customs list?
To get on my list, you need to send me an email with a list of what you want us to make.  I'll add you to the list when I know what you would like made.  Instock fabrics & other custom details can be found in the customs info section.
Why is your shipping so high?
We charge actual shipping prices and refund any overpayments.  Please see the shipping policies for more details.
How long does it take to ship from Canada?
Shipping usually takes 2 weeks, but in rare cases has taken a full month.
Do you need a cover with these diapers?
Yes, we recommend wearing a cover (wool preferred) for the fitted diapers.  The fitted diapers are not waterproof although many report going coverless for quite awhile before the diaper feels damp (due to the unique soaker design).  AI2 diapers do NOT require a cover.
Do you offer wholesale?
At this point, we are unable to offer wholesale.  We would like to in the future, but our profit margin is quite low, so we can't right now.
Do you accept Canadian funds?
Yes!  If you live in Canada, we will accept your payment in Canadian funds.  Hyenacart won't accept it though, so you need to send the funds to my email address with a note of your order number.
Are your fabrics Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified?
Yes, most are.  All of our bamboo fleece and organic bamboo velour (colored too!) is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.  Our snaps are as well.
How do I wash & care for my diapers?
Our wash information is here.
How do I prep my diapers for use?
Many people wear our diapers right out of the package.  You can wash them if you like, but we have already prewashed the materials, so they should be somewhat absorbent already.  They should reach their maximum absorbency after 2-3 washes & dries.

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