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Zoology Birds - Wetbag XS - Regular $10.50 Zoology Birds - Wetbag XS - Regular $10.50
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XS Wetbag - Approximately 8x7 inches
(fits mini wipes or a newborn diaper perfectly!)
Introducing our wetbags!  Made from quality designer cotton fabrics, these bags are not only gorgeous, but also incredibly practical with their waterproof, food safe lining.


Wetbags are so handy, you will find yourself using them all the time!  My kids each want some to put their toys/toothbrushes, etc in while visiting overnight at Grandma’s.  Snacks in the car just got easier too!  Some practical ideas for your wetbags:

* Diapers, wipes, etc.

* Swimsuits, as a beach bag, suntan lotions, etc.

* Snacks, sandwiches, etc

* Mama cloth, purse organizer, etc.

* Wet wipes or damp cloths for picnics or trips

* Laundry bag, Diaper pail liner

* Toys, pencil case, etc.

* Toiletries, Make-up, Shaving, etc.


Our wetbags are made with a beautiful quality designer cotton fabric on the outside.  We’ve lined it with ProCare which is a highly durable barrier fabric that is considered foodsafe and is BPA, phlalate, and lead free.  Not only is this fabric waterproof, it is non-toxic, a fire retardant, highly durable and can be machine washed and dried.  We have not only sewn this lining, but we have also permanently heat sealed it to lock in dampness & odors.  Of course, we are using high quality zippers to ensure that your bag stays closed when it needs to!  (Please note that dampness can escape through the zipper as with ALL wetbags, so keep your bag upright if you have damp items inside)


CARE: Machine wash warm or cold & gentle.  Tumble dry low or hang to dry (Your wetbag will last longer if you hang to dry).

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