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Feedback Received:

Love Our Overnight Trainers
Hi, just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the custom overnight trainers for my daughter.  She could not wait to put them on and the first night was a success with keeping her sheets dry.  I am sure it will save us tons on disposable pull ups.  She even came to me in the middle of the night to tell me she was wet, and it was just the trainer not her PJs!  With disposables she would just wear them all night since she could not feel the wetness.  I am sure this will help her overcome bedwetting in the long run.  Thank You.
Jackie     Nov 16, 2013

Hello Squeezie Cheeks! 
I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your diapers! I have a spiderman fitted that I adore! It is the only fitted in my rotation! I also have a super custom Red, While, Blue OS pocket that is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. We also have a Yankees, 49ers, and Elmo cover we love!! Thanks for your amazing diapers! I will forever be a repeat customer!

Samantha C. (3/30/2012)

I'm SO GLAD that I came across Squeezie Cheeks while searching for someplace to order my custom sports team pocket diapers! They have awesome customer service and have been in contact since day 1 to make sure the order was correct, they give status updates on Facebook while they are working on your order, and when it's done they post pics of it before it ships! The prices are VERY reasonable as well! And when my diapers arrived (within the time limit that I expected) they were adorable, well made, and super soft! I especially like that the snaps are multicolored... it makes it easy to know which snaps to use (my hubby gripes about confusing snaps!) and keeps the diaper looking even (I'm OCD). I'm very happy with my experience and will definitely order again!

Thank you!

~Jennifer T.

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! they are ADORABLE!!!!!!! And you got them done soooooo fast! Thank you tons and tons for your excellent customer service in working out the details with me! :)
Trisha D. 12/12/2011

Order 11/20/11 Baltimore Ravens Cloth Diaper - Excellent!!!! Great communication via facebook.  Would absolutely order again.  It was a gift and she LOVES'S it!!
Amanda C. 12/11/11

Liam's daddy was super impressed to come home from Iraq on R&R and see his little boy in a manly Superman diaper. We are both also very impressed at the quality of his customs minky cover with applique that turned out so gorgeous. Thanks again, I LOVE the diapers!  
Heather R. 8/18/2011

"LOVE our overnight solutions from Squeezie Cheeks! Perfect for my night wetting 5-year-old, he loves it and I love that it saves me money and washing sheets. I will definitely be buying more soon as well as some trainers for my PLing two year old. The customer service and communication was superb and I love that fact that they customize the sizes to make sure the trainer will fit your child. Thank you!"  
Chrysalis T. 8/12/2011

Just wanted to say that I love love love the buzz lightyear, and comic diapers!!! And the Zorb II insert is great!!! I'll be getting more of them in the future!!! I will post pictures of the new diapers for you to see soon!!! Thank you again!!! 
Susan L. 7/28/2011

"LOVE LOVE LOVE...our Tinkle Time Trainers made by the awesome Amy and Sandy at Squeezie Cheeks....cute yes but most important VERY WELL MADE :) my toddlers drink water constantly and still wet at night. These Night Time trainers are superb. FIrst time I ordered 4 second time ordered 2 and I'm working on my third order :) The customer service is top notch. Thank you for such an awesome product...oh and even my deployed hubby noticed...(he receives daily pictures of my toddlers) and noticed the sheets aren't changed as often LOL....NO LEAKS means one less things to worry about :) thank you :) 
Debbie M. 6/22/2011

"definitely the most comfortable diaper we have! I just ordered a pacman diaper and looking forward to ordering more! Becky J. 6/2/2011

Finally got to use the LDD Ooga seconds diaper that I got from you a while ago and let me just say OMG I wish I had a whole stash of these! They fit my little squishy perfectly and it worked beautifully!! I have finally made up my mind what I want for that Tinker Bell fabric, too, if you still have it! LOVE your Diapers!! ♥♥♥  Jessica 5/5/2011

"I bought a couple of embroidered diaper cuts. Beautiful, well done and super cool!
 Amber G. 3/19/2011

"Quality is excellent. The dipe is the cutest thing ever. Haven't tried it on my LO, as the kiddo isn't here yet, but I love it! The workmanship is wonderful. Yay! 
Lisa K. 2/8/2011

"LOVE the OS Sprout Snap Pocket Diaper. I put both inserts in and put it on my son last night before he went to sleep about 9:30-10 after he ate at 8:30.
He didn't wake up until 6 am to eat and I fell asleep feeding him so I didn't change him. He woke up about 10 and I changed him them and there were no leaks. LOVE IT!! Love the la di da diaper too. 
Nikole G. 1/1/2011

 I recently received my LDD and fattycakes diapers! wow!!  I have to admit, when I opened the package I was shocked and disappointed...I thought "How in the world is this going to fit my son????" The LDD diaper looked like a doll-sized diaper!  But wait...I washed it, stuffed it, and put it on him...IT FITS PERFECT!!! and so trim...even moreso than a disposable I think!  I'm so happy!!!!!  I even tried it on my 2 1/2 yr old who is just under 30 lbs (the max weight that diaper recommends) and it fits him too!!!   So glad I bought these diapers!!! Thanks ladies!

"I have found very few diapers that properly fit my little chunky monkey, and squeezie cheeks la di da diaper is one!!! I have nothing but love for these diapers and their creator!! 
Patty O. 11/8/2010

"Just wanted to stop in and tell you how much we've enjoyed our diapers! The fattycakes is a little big on him yet, but he'll grow into it before long. The La-di-da is so trim! And he wore it during nap time today with NO leaks! Plus, we got lots of compliments on it at his pediatrician's office the other day!"   Carrie D.

"We just love our fattycakes pocket! We were using flips but the covers were getting a little tight around the thigh and as he got bigger my son developed the talent of leaking around the hip area without even getting the insert wet. I discovered the fattycakes style solves both problems very well. Plus, I hope to use them as early training pants since the side snap style can be pulled up. The flip inserts fit perfectly in your pockets and you weren't kidding when you said on the website that the material inside pulls the moisture away from the baby. The first time I took the diaper off him I felt the inside and it was dry but the insert was very wet. How fabulous!" - Tracy C.

"The TTTs are working out great! They fit my daughter perfectly and she is so happy to have a solution for her bedwetting that does not involve wearing something that looks like a diaper. She's been wearing them at night for several weeks and we haven't experienced any leaks yet! Thank you so much!!" - V.W.

"We are enjoying the La di da diapers. What we like most about them is that they are so trim. I especially appreciate your quick responses to the questions I had  while I was trying cloth diapering out. And I was really surprised by how quickly I received the diapers once I ordered them. I'll be ordering more from you in the future! We are enjoying them. " - Vanessa H.

"We Love the Squeezie Cheeks Diapers!! Amy's craftmanship is wonderful and we've found that her style of diapers work better than other cloth diapers that we've used on our daughter: they fit her better, do not leave marks on her sensitive skin, and are more absorbant. Thank you Squeezie Cheeks!!!- Christina D. 4/2010

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