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Custom Fiber Dyeing Custom Fiber Dyeing
Price : $1.00
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Choose from any of our colors and any of our bases.  All standard colors can now be seen here.

We are also happy to dye previously available colors for you if you have an order of 12 ounces or more, including club colors as long as they are over a year old.  Time Traveler colors can be found here and Speshul Snowflake colors can be found here

There is a $1 per ounce deposit to hold your spot.  We will send you an invoice for the balance due when the yarn is ready for you.  Most orders can be dyed within 2 weeks.  If you want a fiber that we are out of stock on, use the contact link (below) and send us an email.  We can probably order it for you or are waiting on a shipment.

Many of our yarns are available in bigger skeins upon request.  Please email if you have any questions

Click here to go to Flickr for more pictures of our colorways


We try to keep a variety of fiber in stock for you to choose from. 

  • Welsh: longwool 3.50/oz
  • Corriedale: wonderful workhorse yarn, easy to spin. 3.50/oz
  • Portuguese: 3.50/oz
  • Norwegian wool: This is one of the easiest of the longwools to spin. $3.75/oz
  • Merino (19.5 micron): luxuriously soft wool with a short staple $4.00/oz
  • BFL: This is one of my favorite fibers to spin. Long staple length and the best combination of durability and softness $4.00/oz
  • Wensleydale: Very long staple length.  $4.00/oz
  • Masham: $4.00/oz
  • Grey Shetland: $4.00/oz
  • Fawn Shetland: $4.00/oz
  • Humbug Corriedale: $4.00/oz
  • Polwarth: $4.25/oz
  • Superwash Merino/Nylon blend(75/25): sock yarn blend $4.50/oz
  • Targhee: $4.50/oz
  • Grey & White Merino: $4.50/oz
  • 80 Merino/20 Bamboo Rayon (Panda): $4.75/oz
  • 63% Superwash Merino Wool 20% Silk 15% Nylon 2% Sterling Silver (Sparkle): $4.75/oz
  • Alpaca: $4.75/oz
  • Humbug BFL: a blend of white and brown BFL, gorgeous dyed. $4.75/oz
  • Mixed BFL Silk: $5.00/oz
  • Grey Merino Silk: $5.00/oz
  • 50% Merino 50% Silk: $5.00/oz
  • Black Alpaca Silk: $5.50/oz
  • Grey Alpaca Silk: $6.00/oz
  • Alpaca Merino Silk: $6.00/oz
  • Merino Camel Alpaca Silk: $6.50/oz
  • 100% Silk: $7.00/oz
  • Yak Silk: $7.00/oz
  • Silk Hankies: $8.00/10g

Shipping based on weight of order.  Contact us if you'd like a quote

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