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Elastic Diaper Repairs Elastic Diaper Repairs
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If you have many diapers that need new elastic, then this is the spot for you.  If you have 50 diapers to be repaired and don't want to add them individually to the cart, simply change the quantity when you get to check out.

I've fixed pockets, AIO's, fitteds, etc.  I can fix almost anything and if I can't fix it, I'll send it back with a full refund.

If you only need 1 leg or the back waist done on a diaper, contact me and we'll work out a separate plan.  It's $1.25 per side.  Be warned, though, that once one side goes the others usually follow quickly.

SHIPPING!!!!  Anymore than 25 Diapers and you MUST select UPS Shipping!  I will have to invoice you if you don't.
1-5 diapers: First Class Shipping
6-24 diapers: Priority
25+ diapers: UPS  (this does not mean I'm shipping UPS, it just allows me to charge a more accurate price).

Your wait time will depend on how many diapers you send me, and on how many diapers are ahead of you in the queue. It takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes to fix each diaper and it is done by hand.

I fix the diapers by making a small slit at each end of the outer material (except in bumgenius 4.0).  I stitch it to the old elastic and to the seams of the diaper.  I do not rip the seams and then sew through the PUL. 

I do this for a few reasons.  I have concerns about ripping the serging to fix them. There are mamas who fix PUL diapers by ripping them out and then re-sewing through the PUL. I work with PUL every single day and I can promise you that it does not like being sewn through several times and it will leak more because of it.

Same with ripping the serging- you destroy the structural integrity of the diaper. It may not matter, but in some cases it might. It's like doing exploratory surgery and cutting open someone's whole stomach or making a small slit. It's really obvious which one should/will hold up better.  So in this instance I will go for security and a slight amount of stitching that you will see, rather than possibly destroying the whole diaper.

Why do diapers that have been previously repaired cost more?
Taking out the old elastic is time consuming and sometimes difficult.  In order to make minimum wage, I need to charge more.  If I've done the repairs I will know my own stitching and be able to get it out more quickly than someone else's work.  I also appreciate that you're coming back for a second set of repairs.

If you want it fix another way, I know a mama who will do that.  Let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.
I will email my shipping address to you once you've purchased the repairs. Why isn't shipping "free" on these listings? Because you would over pay! Diapers weigh different weights and I'd have to price the repairs to include shipping for the heaviest diapers. This way you may pay more up front, but you will get a refund if you overpay.
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