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BumGenius Velcro/Tab Repair BumGenius Velcro/Tab Repair
Price : $3.50
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Old Tabs:

PLEASE NOTE! I can't find the front velcro. I can glue it, I can help you glue it, but it can't be sewn back on. This is for the velcro/tab repair on your bumgenius diapers.

PLEASE be sure to order the replacement tabs from before shipping the diapers to me, and include them with your diapers to be repaired.  You may have to call their customer service department.

This is for the TABS only!  IF you need the elastic replaced too, you will have to purchase that in the other category as well.

Please purchase one of these PER diaper that needs repairs.  I will need to invoice you if you don't, because this is unbelievably labor intensive.  It's almost 30 minutes per diaper to replace the tabs.  If you seam rip the tabs off yourself, it drops the price.  If you'd like help doing that, shoot me an email.

To avoid from having to add them to your cart 20 times, simply change the number at check out to the correct number of diapers.

5 diapers or less: First Class
6-20 diapers: Priority
20+ diapers: UPS

I will email my shipping address to you once you've purchased the repairs.

Instructions for removal of velcro (or replacing it yourself):
Why isn't shipping "free" on these listings? Because you would over pay! Diapers weigh different weights and I'd have to price the repairs to include shipping for the heaviest diapers. This way you may pay more up front, but you will get a refund if you overpay.
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