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bronze peace pendant, pink rhinestone covered elephant bronze chain necklace
necklace brass chinese medicine man, lotus-rare
necklace golden buddha pink art deco glass
necklace carved mother of pearl, lapis, aquamarine, kyanite, labrdorite
necklace, beige owl, colorful & white agate, lotus flower
necklace, large brass pendant, bronze key, multi gem & pearls
necklace triple labradorite bronze heart & cross
necklace white pearl, fire opal, labradorite, love charmed
necklace faceted labradorite, bronze peaace, love, dove
necklace double labradorite, amethyst
necklace, hamsa hand, quartz crystal, mother of pearl carved rose
necklace butterfly
necklace, hold your heart in my hand
necklace brass pendant, purple lampwork, lavender silverish pearl, bell, heart
necklace bronzite, zebra
earrings bronze round owl long
necklace retro green owl, muskovite & lotus
necklace jade, rhyolite, fire agate, labradorite & leaf
necklace labradorite smooth nugget, charmed love bird
necklace beige owl, red rhyolite, lotus
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