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Feb 8, 2010
Customer service:I received my carrier within days of paying for it.
Product review: The attention to detail on Oliviabolivia carriers is incredible. I bought the Ally, and it is a work of art. Although I only wore it briefly, it was very comfortable. I was wearing a BH when my carrier arrived, and when I tried on my OB, it was noticeably more comfortable.
2010-02-12 06:08:44
When purchased:
Sep 9, 2008
Customer service:Lightning shipping!
Product review: Perfect MT. Lovely design. Thanks.
2008-09-16 01:35:39
When purchased:
Apr 29, 2008
Customer service:Excellent customer service! My mei tai was shipped Priority Mail the same day I bought it, and it reached me just three days later.
Product review: Beautiful, well-made, and stunning attention to detail; I am highly impressed with the quality of craftsmanship that was shown in composing this carrier.
2008-05-02 11:19:53
When purchased:
Mar 3, 2008
Customer service:Excellent: received shipping notice promptly and had my mei tai by the end of the week!
Product review: Well made and so incredibly comfortable to wear, there are so many extra details, you can tell a lot of thought went into this mei tai!
2008-04-07 11:20:13
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