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Size Chart

2012 Custom Prices

**All measurements are taken relaxed & unstretched**
**Waist measurements are based on circumference**
Please measure your elfling carefully before purchasing, in order to ensure the right fit. I will provide assistance via email if needed. I am not responsible for any items knit to custom measurements given, or in-stock purchases, that do not fit correctly. No refunds will be issued unless there is a true defect, in which the item must be returned un-washed within 7 days from the date the item was received.
**Please note: Pooling of colors are not considered defects. Pooling of the yarn colors is something that can be controlled only to a certain extent. I will do everything I can to prevent it, but I cannot promise the yarn will not stripe or pool a bit in some areas. That is the nature of hand-dyed yarn. So many variables go into how an item knits up; dyer, base yarn, length of color repeats, size of garment, my knitting gauge. I will do my best to knit an item that you will love, and that I am proud to send out. Items cannot be returned/refunded for pooling.

Please read my Policies. Placing an order is confirmation that you have.
Thank you in advance! =0)

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