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Open your own handmade shop! Set up my shop
It is a really great place to sell your products! Low store cost and great features make it an ideal place for both those just beginning a business as well as established businesses!

- Kara & Grace, Flower & Wax Essential Oil Company

Read through the comparison page and still not sure whether to choose HC Standard or HC Multi? Try reading through these questions:

Will you be reselling items that you didn't make yourself?

If yes, then you must choose HC Multi. HC Standard is reserved for handmade items. There is a gray area that is still okay for HC Standard. For example, a set which includes a commercially purchased item (e.g, a store-bought t-shirt with hand knit longies) are okay on HC Standard. So are purchased items that are altered by hand (e.g., embroidered prefolds, hand-dyed t-shirts).

Do you have multiple sellers in your store?

If yes, then HC Standard may be the better choice. It allows each listing to have a separate Paypal address associated with it. HC Multi uses one overall Paypal address for the entire shop.

Do you want your customers to be able to buy more than one item at a time?

If yes, then you need HC Multi. HC Standard only allows customers to buy one item at a time. HC Multi allows them to load multiple items into a shopping cart and purchase them all at once.

Is the demand for your product extremely high?

If yes, both HC Standard and HC Multi will work for you. Both carts have listing options which are specially designed to withstand high traffic loads and only allow one-of-a-kind items to be sold *once*.

If you choose one cart and later decide that you'd like to switch. That is possible to do for a $5 fee. You will need to copy and paste your listings and cart configuration from one cart to the other.