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Healing Spritz

Love love love this for my newborn! He started to develop a rash from pooping so much. Spritzing this on has his tushy back to flawless NB skin! 
Danielle Gooding

Hair / Body Wash

I have to share how my skin has improved after using the Hair Wash/ Body Wash. I have KP (Karatosis Palaris). My skin doesn't exfoliate like it should and is very dry. I have always had bumpy skin on my upper arms. I cringe if someone touches my arm! Well, I used to! After switching to the Hair Wash/Body Wash and using it exclusively as my hair wash and body wash and I always apply Skin Healer after my shower, I have NO MORE bumps. At first I thought it was just a good day or two, but they have not come back for over two months now! I love having smooth skin!
Tarah Steele

The hair/body wash has cleared up my skin as well. It's all I use as a face wash, and now I hardly ever get any acne.
Sara Croft

"I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for making a great diaper. Out of all my newborn diapers, your hybrid fitteds are the only ones that still fit, AND Sophy doesn't pee through them. I would also like to say that my toddler can pee through his "waterproof" diapers but not your hybrids. Yesterday when he woke from his nap, he had peed through his diaper and the sheet. That has never happened with your diapers."
Rachel Rothchild

"I love her OS AI2. Its a trim, absorbent, easy to use and well made day time diaper. 
PROs: No snaps to snap down the rise! The stretchy leg elastic does the job of adjusting and this diaper fits my skinny toddler and chunky infant. The minky inner is extremely soft and easy to clean and the velcro tabs are larger than most and very sticky -- our 2 year old gave up before getting the diaper off.
The inserts are really absorbent. We used both for naps and just one for daytime. I wouldn't suggest using it as an overnight diaper on a heavy wetter (we didn't try it). That being said, we never had a single leak, no matter how soaked the inserts were. I think this is due to the minky/PUL combo.
The thing I love the most is the trimness. This is the trimmest cloth diaper I've ever seen, even with both inserts. 
My 2 year old asks to wear this diaper. In fact she wanted to wear it the minute I brought it home. My husband (primary diaper changer) likes it too and likes the AI2 set up.
CONs: the rise was a bit lacking on my infant son (plumber crack), however this is a common problem with him. If he were still only BF it might be an issue, but since he has started solids it has been a nonissue in the realm of function. 
I wouldn't use this diaper outside in the middle of a humid hot summer due to the combo of the PUL and minky. Fall, winter and spring though, definitely, especially since it fits so well under jeans."

Elyse Coolidge Huey

"Im so happy i foumd you right before christmas...we were in major need of another ai2 and we ddnt have ine in a christmas print...then it just so happened it saw you in my ticker with th perfect combo...christmas elephants. And we are in the same state so o got it super quick. It was so soft on the inside and such great craftsmanship!!! Id def be buying more from you in the future!!!"

Amanda Parker

"I won an auction for a macaroni baby hybrid OS fitted with aplix, and have been using it constantly for about two months. It's my favorite fitted! Ds can wear it at home under a onsie and stay dry. And it's great for at night under wool. Ds has skinny legs, and isn't very big (8lbs when we got the fitted) and it still has a great fit on him and great containment. It doesn't even get a chance to get put away before we use it again:) can't wait to buy another one!"

Katie Warner

Review by Cloth Diaper Addiction of a Newborn AI2

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