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I am off working on my April Custom diapers. Check back in the middle of May for new diapers!

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Care Instructions

When the diapers arrive:

I wash and dry all diapers one time before they are mailed to you using cloth diaper safe detergent.  I do this to seal the holes in the PUL from sewing.  I suggest washing them once again in your cloth diaper detergent of choice. 

For inserts made of natural fibers (bamboo, cotton), please wash and dry 4-6 times to achieve maximum absorbancy.  This will remove the natural oils from the fabric.

Normal Laundry:

I suggest this washing routine.  I have been cloth diapering for over 2 years and have never had issues.

Deposit all solids into toilet.
Rinse in cold water rinse cycle to remove all of the yucky stuff.
Hot wash with cloth diaper safe detergent.
Rinse once again with cold water to remove any residual detergent.

Tumble dry on warm or hang dry.

Don't use bleach, fabric softeners or dry clean

Common Problems:

From time to time you may notice stinky diapers.  If you do, you will need to strip them.  You can do this by adding BLUE dawn to your wash instead of your detergent.  When you wash them this way, be sure to wash until ALL bubbles are gone.  This will pull all left over detergent residues from your diapers and leave them squeaky!

Hard water can also cause problems.  If you do have hard water, you can use calgon to help out the issue.

Another problem could be using too little detergent.  Different people say to use about about half of the recommended amount, but this could be too little for your machine.  Don't be afraid of the detergent.

If your inserts are crunchy out of the dryer, you can use Ecover on them.  It is a natural fabric softener that will not add residues or enzymes to your inserts.

Stains will happen.  When they do, a little sun will help.  The sun naturally bleaches the stains out.

Everyone's wash routine is different. Trial and error has seemed to work for me and once you come up with yours, stick to it.

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