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May 12, 2015
Item:NB T&T Hybrid Fitted and Lap Tee - My Only
Customer service:Got a little macadamia treat since this came from HI. What a simple but nice touch!
Product review: Such an adorable matching tip and diaper. Good quality, well sewn, diaper is perfectly absorbent.
2015-05-24 11:00:17
When purchased:
Feb 5, 2014
Item:L Storm/Caspian Cuffed Leggings
Customer service:excellent
Product review: excellent
2014-12-02 09:13:32
When purchased:
Aug 17, 2014
Item:NB T&T Hybrid Fitted - Shipwreck! (pink)
Customer service:Fast shipping, very well made.
Product review:
2014-08-20 03:51:14
When purchased:
Jul 8, 2014
Item:L Cuffed Beefsteak/Midnight Maxaloones (wool interlock)
Customer service:Very fast shipping!
Product review: These are amazing and so cute! The craftsmanship is amazing. I am amazed at the rich color she was able to achieve!

Sizing is slightly inconsistent, so check the measurements of your child versus the listing before ordering. This would not keep me from ordering wool.

I also have several diapers and shirts- they are fantastic!
2014-08-07 04:00:46
When purchased:
Apr 18, 2013
Item:4T Trainers - Super Boxer Briefs
Customer service:Fantastic! Shipping was super fast. Thanks
Product review: My son loves his training undies. Awesome quality! Super cute too.
2014-08-02 03:56:40
When purchased:
Apr 23, 2014
Item:L Lava Rock Longies
Customer service:
Product review: Simply awesome, just like I expected :)
2014-06-10 12:31:13
When purchased:
Apr 25, 2014
Item:S Lava Rock Longies
Customer service:
Product review: Simply awesome, just like I expected :)
2014-06-10 12:29:15
When purchased:
May 16, 2014
Item:M *Semi-custom* Sunset Longies
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: Simply awesome, just like I expected :)
2014-06-10 12:25:12
When purchased:
Apr 18, 2014
Item:M Lava Rock Longies
Customer service:
Product review: I just got these today and put them on my 1 year old to see how they fit. I have not washed or lanolized yet but I couldn't help putting them on him.
I'm in love. They're well made and fit great! I'm going to baby these like crazy so hopefully future kids can wear them :)
They're a little long in the legs but he's got short legs so we run into that problem with all pants.
I'm a bit worried these won't fit over his ridiculously huge night time diapers but if they don't I'll just buy the next size up :)

Would love to see some dark pinks and purples and a true black in m, ml, and lg! ;)
2014-04-23 04:57:30
When purchased:
Feb 16, 2014
Item:It's-a-me! (serged)
Customer service:Shipped out next day with tracking info uploaded in paypal, loved the little chocolate that was sent in my package a nice surprise and tribute to her home state.
Product review: Workmanship is excellent! I love how she coordinated the snaps with the colors on the it's me Mario! Diaper. You can tell by the feel of the fabric that it's good quality and will be absorbent which I need for my heavy wetter
2014-02-22 11:33:48
When purchased:
Jan 18, 2014
Item:Throwback Video Game (red inner, serged)
Customer service:
Product review: Beautifully made diaper! Great communication!
2014-02-14 01:46:42
When purchased:
Sep 5, 2013
Item:M/L Storm Longies
Customer service:
Product review: These are awesome! Basic neutral color that goes with everything and very well made with buttery soft wool!
2014-02-06 11:35:41
When purchased:
Dec 2, 2013
Item:L Pomegranate/Lava Rock Longies with Appliqué
Customer service:Kara's customer service is amazing!
Product review: These are sooooo soft! And the workmanship (work-womanship?) is amazing. The applique is awesome. These are my son's (and my)favorite longies!
2014-02-06 11:35:00
When purchased:
Sep 15, 2013
Item:T&T Hybrid Fitted - Acoustic (pink)
Customer service:Customer service is great. All questions answered quickly.
Product review: Great hybrid fitted diapers! Made very well. Have and will buy more.
2014-01-02 05:37:48
When purchased:
Sep 14, 2013
Item:T&T Hybrid Fitted - Supergirl (pink)
Customer service:Customer service exceeds excellent! Quickly shipped and received.
Product review: Absolutely love your diapers. We have not had the pleasure of trying your wool yet but hopefully in the near future :)
2013-11-29 03:31:13
When purchased:
Oct 22, 2013
Item:6"x12" Unpaper Towels
Customer service:Everything went smoothly!
Product review: The unpaper towels are well-made and work very well. Plus, they look so cute folded up in my kitchen drawer!
2013-11-10 02:35:10
When purchased:
Oct 24, 2013
Item:*Custom Slot* (Look Out, Mouse!)
Customer service:Kara has one of the best customer service that I experienced with my orders. She even extends her service to any of my requests. She is such an awesome seller with good manner and very flexible to her customers, like me. In every request I put on my orders, she make sure I am satisfied to my purchase before mailing it to me. She works fast even on my custom orders and mail fast too! I will definitely going to buy from her again and again!
Product review: Kara and her product are in excellence! She really takes time to let the customer meet the expectation of the product and she did well with great pride in everything I purchase from her. Her works are neat even the stitching. High recommended product and seller!
2013-11-05 09:05:00
When purchased:
Oct 10, 2013
Item:Serged Hybrid Fitted - Mad Mouse
Customer service:Little Green Honu owner has the best customer service ever!!!! She always accommodates orders well with her best and extends her service, too just to make her customer happy like me. 5-star rating for customer service as 5 the highest.
Product review: I purchased her Mad Mouse Hybrid fitted diaper and it is my very first order from her shop. it fits perfectly to my son! absorbs very well, too! we love it! and the quality of her handmade is highly recommendable because of neatness and functionality. Highly recommended products from this shop!
2013-10-25 03:27:01
When purchased:
Sep 30, 2013
Item:T&T Hybrid Fitted - Superheroes on Yellow
Customer service:SUPER fast shipping from Hawaii!
Product review: I've been using this diaper for a couple weeks now, and we are loving it! It holds up for 3 hours of napping, and works WONDERFULLY for overnight with a hemp booster. The fabric is too adorable. Great quality--I will definitely be purchasing again!
2013-10-14 04:21:56
When purchased:
Jun 18, 2013
Item:M/L Rust Longies
Customer service:
Product review: Well made longies but they are a much lighter brown in person, almost a very light maroon with some brown in it.
2013-09-18 07:45:35
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