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When purchased:
Mar 8, 2016
Item:Ainsley - an Easter Baby Bug
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: Wonderfully made...lovely features and great fabric.
2016-03-17 02:43:59
When purchased:
Nov 20, 2014
Item:Hans my Hedgehog
Customer service:Scarlett is a wonderful seller and was in contact with me regarding shipping almost immediately.

Would love to do business with her again.
Product review: Hans is perfection. Just stunning. Pictures didn't do him justice. He is so cute, tiny, very well made. My daughters and I are in love!
2015-01-04 08:34:04
When purchased:
Nov 17, 2014
Item:Christmas Kisses - crochet mistletoe sprig
Customer service:Very happy with the customer service, as usual!
Product review: So cute mistletoe, thank you!
2014-12-06 02:06:26
When purchased:
Jul 26, 2014
Item:Miss Brimstone - a butterfly doll from ladybird doll studio
Customer service:Great customer service, as always!
Product review: And also great Waldorf doll, as always, we love our little Miss Brimstone! Thank you!
2014-12-06 02:05:34
When purchased:
Sep 25, 2014
Item:Bramble - autumn baby bug
Customer service:Very happy with everything, again, thank you!
Product review: Bramble is a little cutie, lovely!
2014-11-14 07:45:54
When purchased:
Sep 23, 2014
Item:Marigold - autumn baby bug
Customer service:Customer service was fabulous, as usual, thank you!
Product review: Lovely little Marigold, so cute, also a little helper at my work!
2014-11-14 07:44:45
When purchased:
May 11, 2014
Item:Lambkin Doll - Light Grey (pale)
Customer service:Just a lovely maker - who cares deeply about every creation.
Product review: My lambkin is delightful - now I need another to stop my children squabbling.
2014-08-04 05:02:02
When purchased:
Jun 28, 2014
Customer service:Arrived in beautiful package and postage was quick.
Product review: Once again, so lovely doll! My daughter started to play with her immediately. A warm thank you!
2014-07-07 05:19:29
When purchased:
May 16, 2014
Item:Bunnykin Doll - Lavender (sunkissed)
Customer service:fast shipping and wonderfully packaged
Product review: We love this bunnykin! They are so soft and huggable :)
2014-05-27 01:16:27
When purchased:
May 11, 2014
Item:Little Monkey Doll (sunkissed)
Customer service:Arrived quickly in pretty package. Thanks!
Product review: We love this little monkey, as all your work! Thanks again!
2014-05-23 10:34:05
When purchased:
May 10, 2014
Item:Lambkin Doll - Dark Grey (pale)
Customer service:Lovely packaging and fast shipping
Product review: This lambkin is adorable and a great addition to our collection. Thanks!
2014-05-19 12:32:24
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