Asher's Rainbow

On January 29, 2015 our fifth child was born into Heaven. We named him Asher Joel, because Asher means, "Happy and Blessed," and Joel means, "YAHWEH is God." We felt that both of those were of utmost truth in our lives. Even in the time of deepest pain we were comforted and upheld by our faith. 
During the time of physical healing after Asher's necessary surgical birth I found comfort in the busyness of knitting a 'Just because' gift for a friend. That gift of being able to bless some one else was very healing, and inspired me to continue. 
As part of my new vision for KumfyKozies™ I will occasionally be doing a random act of kindness sort of give away to share Asher's legacy of blessing and spreading happiness to others. We're calling it Asher's Rainbow. Sometimes it may be a drawing. Sometimes it may just be a regular listing. Other times it may be a request for a recommendation of some one in your life deserving a special blessing and why. It'll be different every time. 

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