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Oct 26, 2009
Item:NB "Snowflake Dot" Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Super nice to work with
Product review: So teeny and perfect!! Silky soft and adorable
2009-11-09 08:34:50
When purchased:
Jun 4, 2009
Item:Earth Muffin
Mud Bath
Customer service:
Product review: Great mudbath for the kiddos..fun to play in and yet very safe for there skin!
2009-06-29 10:18:20
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2009
Item:Blue House Soaps
Pancakes For Breakfast
Country Berry Hotcakes Set
Customer service:
Product review: Soaps smell amazing!
2009-06-29 10:15:59
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2009
Item:Deep Elem Dyes
The Giraffes Who Was Afraid of Heights
"I Stand Alone" T-shirt
Customer service:Great, no problems.
Product review: Love the shirt, am so stoked I finally snagged one in the right size and ds thinks it's pretty cool looking too.
2009-06-27 09:13:48
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2009
Priscilla and the Pink Planet
LWI Dyed Diaper
Customer service:Awesome.
Product review: Best, prettiest, fluffiest diaper ever!
2009-06-24 11:50:37
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2009
Item:Diggin' Crochet
Into The Sea
Crocheted Sea Turtle
Customer service:great!
Product review: The turtle is very cute!! DS sleeps with it every night. Thank you Kim for running the fundraiser!!
2009-06-23 03:36:20
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2009
Item:Beach Plum Kids
Curious George and the Birthday Surprise
Fleece Monkey Sweatshirt
Customer service:No communication necessary.
Product review: Adorable fleece sweatshirt. Sooooo soft. Even DH commented on how cute it is! Fits well with room to grow.
2009-06-23 03:12:01
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2009
Item:The Cherub's Closet
The Cat in the Hat
2T Raglan Tee
Customer service:Quick Shipment!
Product review: I love the shirt! It is super cute and well made!
2009-06-18 05:08:14
When purchased:
May 25, 2009
Item:Help Buy The Books!
Customer service:
Product review: Great cause!! Glad to be a help!
2009-06-03 08:58:57
When purchased:
Feb 5, 2009
Item:XL "Khaki Hearts" Fitted Diaper
Customer service:
Product review: great, well fitting,love it!
2009-02-16 10:38:20
When purchased:
Sep 23, 2008
Item:October Custom Slot #3
Customer service:Excellent as always :)
Product review: Kim's diapers are truly the best. We own about 2 dozen now. They are so soft, well made, cute fabrics, and the fit is fantastic. Kim's applique tee shirts are adorable too!
2008-12-02 10:05:37
When purchased:
Oct 1, 2008
Item:Iris Garden with The Indigo Onion (MT)
Customer service:excellent! fast shipping!
Product review: LOVE this diaper, the colorway (iris garden) by Indigo Onion is gorgeous, and the diaper is perfect.
2008-12-02 09:57:57
When purchased:
Oct 3, 2008
Item:Over Coffee with Mariposa Fibres (YPS)
Customer service:great! Good communication. Shipped fast once diaper was done!
Product review: yummy, beautiful, soft - fits both the yarn and the diaper! Diaper is well made and fits my 2 yr old great!! The yarn is wonderfully soft and can't wait to start knitting with it!
2008-11-19 12:13:00
When purchased:
Sep 22, 2008
Item:October Custom Slot #2
Customer service:Wonderful customer service. We were well taken care of :)
Product review: Beautiful diaper. Thank you so much!
2008-11-09 10:16:56
When purchased:
Oct 1, 2008
Item:Mmmm, Cupcakes with Beach Plum Kids (MT)
Customer service:A+! Super fast shipping!
Product review: Adorable cupcake diaper, love it! Thanks!
2008-10-08 09:51:20
When purchased:
Jul 28, 2008
Item:Surprise July Quickie Custom! 1 Hour Lottery to Purchase!
Customer service:Awesome! Kim contacted me as soon as I won the lottery! Communication was fabulous, Kim notified me through every step of the custom process!
Product review: Excellent diaper! I have a few diapers of Kim's and they are fabulous, but I truly love the Bamboo Fleece! It is a super soft diaper, craftsmanship is excellent, stitching is flawless and it fits my daughter like a dream! I will definitely be shopping at K&M for more diapers!
2008-09-19 05:20:08
When purchased:
Aug 22, 2008
Item:MT "Pedal Pushers" Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: Love the pedal pushers! So cute and great colors (blue & green).
2008-09-10 07:38:01
When purchased:
Jul 29, 2008
Item:August Custom Slot #4
Customer service:Excellent as always, Kim is awesome to work with!
Product review: There are hardly words for how cute this applique tee shirt and matching diaper are!!! I love it and can't wait to put it on Nathaniel.
2008-09-10 07:36:56
When purchased:
Jul 28, 2008
Item:NB "Giddy Up" Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Awesome!!
Product review: I love this diaper so very much! I will definitely be back for more! ;)
2008-09-01 09:06:47
When purchased:
Aug 22, 2008
Item:MT "Traffic Jam" Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: Awesome diaper-thank you! :)
2008-09-01 01:01:55
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