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Hybrid Diapers

One size, hybrid fitted diaper with fold down rise, to adjust to a shorter rise.   This diaper should fit from approximately 8 - 35+ pounds, depending on your babies build.  They are super soft.

Placement may vary, because many diapers were made from the same fabric.
Outer: usually knit fabric/ but sometimes a weave
Hidden: Polyester Fleece
Inner: Super soft Cotton Velour
Closure: Poly-resin KamSnaps
Large soaker is 3 layers snake style, which allows you to fold it where you need it most. The top layer is matching super cotton velour (CV) and 2 layers of SHOBF( super heavy organic bamboo fleece)

Small soaker is 3 layers of SHOBF (500)
Hybrids can be worn 4 plus hours depending on how heavy a wetter your child is. To be completely water proof it redquires a cover.

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