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When purchased:
May 3, 2010
Item:Shibori Earth Wrap Skirt
Customer service:Thanks for shipping this directly to my sister!
Product review: She loves it! Says that she put it on as soon as it came in the mail:)
2010-05-31 11:41:30
When purchased:
May 8, 2010
Item:Sun Phoenix Dress
Customer service:super
Product review: awesome, ty.
2010-05-17 02:59:14
When purchased:
Feb 13, 2010
Item:Blue Flames Guitar Strap
Customer service:Wonderful Rhonda emailed right away with shipping and custom info.
Product review: Beautifully done I cannot wait to give it to my DH he'll love it! Thanks!
2010-02-25 02:10:57
When purchased:
Jan 25, 2010
Item:FFS Drawing!
Customer service:Oh this dress is so adorable. The quality is good and I will def come back for more.
Product review: Great condition, great quality, wouldnt ask for anything better.
2010-01-29 10:43:30
When purchased:
Nov 3, 2009
Item:Long Sleeve Swirl Tie Dyed Onesie
Customer service:Excellent! Super fast shipping! Will be back again!
Product review: Great product! Beautiful vibrant colors! Much better than the photo!!
2009-11-09 08:13:38
When purchased:
Oct 9, 2009
Item:Forest Goddess Patchwork Skirt
Customer service:I recently ordered a patch skirt from JTRIBECREATIONS I was very happy with my purchase. I found that the extra details such as tissue gift wrapping and the tie dye stamp note card pad were additional personalization of why I will continue to support JTRIBECREATIONS. I now have 3 handmade items from JTRIBECREATIONS a super comfy absorbent rainbow cloth diaper, a custom made reversible dress for my newborn daughter, and my own patch skirt that matches my daughters tulip dress. I am excitedly awaiting my next custom wearable work of art from JTRIBECREATIONS.
Product review: All of the products I have received thus far from JTRIBECREATIONS has nice tight stitching much better quality than you find in mass store chains production not mention I will not be walking in a room and have myself or my daughter wearing the exact same thing as anyone else. :))
2009-10-15 11:03:34
When purchased:
Aug 28, 2009
Item:Orange Flowers Mini Mama Parenting Playset
Customer service:Wonderful - shipped quickly and no problems at all.
Product review: Love this set, I hope dd is as smitten with it as I am! It's going to be a birthday gift and I'm sure she will love it for mothering her dolls and stuffed animals just like mommy did with her!
2009-10-10 10:14:16
When purchased:
Sep 15, 2009
Item:Posh Knitter Small Project Bag
Customer service:Quick shipping, beautifully packaged, little x-tras.
Very nice....BUT shipping costs were very high, considering it was shipped in a flat rate envelope.
Product review: Amazing!!! I love these bags. They have a place for everything. Expertly crafted...delightful worksmanship. Wonderful!!!
2009-09-26 11:43:41
When purchased:
Aug 16, 2009
Item:*sale* Heart Tie Dyed Romper
Customer service:Excellent communication!
Product review: This romper is just gorgeous--the dyeing is perfect. Packaging was lovely too. Thanks!
2009-08-28 08:26:01
When purchased:
Aug 8, 2009
Item:Listing For M.
Customer service:Excellent customer service and communication. Fast shipping. Also sent some extras which are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Product review: I love the onesie. The colors are more vibrant than the picture. Wonderful product.
2009-08-14 09:01:57
When purchased:
Jul 30, 2009
Item:Orange Sherbet Cream Dye Swirl OBV Diaper Cut
Customer service:Great communication and a sweet WAHM.
Product review: I got some OBV fabric and it's exactly as described. It's beautiful! Thank you so much!
2009-08-07 01:43:47
When purchased:
May 23, 2009
Item:Mini Moma Parenting Playset
Customer service:Great and fast communication and shipping, would definetly buy again... wait... I already am buying more of the same :)
Product review: The playset is absolutely beautiful, my 6 yo dd loved it. And it came wrapped piece by piece which definetly was like the cherry on top, thanks!
2009-06-09 03:09:37
When purchased:
May 26, 2009
Item:~50% HC$ Auction~ WAHM Samples ~Mini Wallet Bags
Customer service:Great, quick to ship!
Product review: Very cute mini wallets -- the kids each claimed one and the rest will be great extras to send out with some of my orders. A nice selection of different fabrics and look quite well-made. Thank you!
2009-06-08 05:40:45
When purchased:
May 25, 2009
Item:~50% HC$ Auction~ Hand Dyed OBV Grab Bag!
Customer service:Great communication and very nice seller!
Product review: SUPER soft obv, very beautifully dyed! I am so happy with this package!
2009-06-08 11:03:45
When purchased:
May 26, 2009
Item:~50% HC$ Auction~ Azure the Winged Unicorn
Customer service:Amazing customer service! Fast shipping!
Product review: Awesome auction for a beautiful hand made play toy. My daughter just loves her new squishy "horsey".

Thanks so much!
2009-06-07 05:55:55
When purchased:
May 19, 2009
Item:Custom Knitting Neddle Roll for BECCA!
Customer service:Fantastic customer service! I contacted Rhonda about a custom knitting needle roll and she found just the perfect fabric for me. She sewed it up fast too.
Product review: Well-made, beautiful, and I love the design!
2009-05-22 07:37:31
When purchased:
May 2, 2009
Item:Rainbow Cream Dye Swirl OBV Diaper Cut
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Very nice, thank you!
2009-05-16 03:08:08
When purchased:
May 5, 2009
Item:FFS Lottery!
Customer service:Excellent communication, fast shipping, great customer service.
Product review: Adorable headband, looks very nice and will be a favorite.
2009-05-11 07:32:53
When purchased:
Feb 24, 2009
Item:Celtic Hearts Mama Skirt
Customer service:Great. She PM's me on the forums to let me know it shipped- then again when it showed as an attempted delivery to make sure I had it. (we have to use a PO box, so the packages stay there, but show as an attempted delivery)
Product review: GORGEOUS. I can't wait to wear it !!
2009-03-03 10:41:32
When purchased:
Oct 13, 2008
Item:FSS Lottery Blue
Customer service:FAST shipping
Product review: This is a very cute bib and wonderfully made. It's the perfect size for my little boy - thanks :-)
2008-10-24 11:57:41
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