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Purple Mei Tai w/ Minkee Backing Purple Mei Tai w/ Minkee Backing
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Mei Tai in purple cotton fabric with lavender minkee backing.

Based on the classic Asian Baby Carrier, the Padded Purrfect Mei Tai features solid triple layer construction and sturdy 4.5 inch straps at the shoulders and waist.  Snuggle your baby in style and comfort, as this Mei Tai has padded shoulder straps, pretty scalloped edging, and is REVERSIBLE. 

This carrier is our "Tall" size:
Long Body, great for toddlers and infants alike.  Provides head support for young babies as well as for sleeping on the go.  Great for discreet nursing.  Can be "rolled" for arms out carries as well.  *Best Seller!!!

Waist straps feature the straight design.

The Padded Purrfect Mei Tai offers a great, hands free way to carry your baby through your daily activities, which has been proven beneficial to both baby and parents alike.  The quadruple strap design disperses the weight of baby evenly across both shoulders, hips, and back, to lessen strain.  Easy to "tie" baby on in both front, back, and even hip carries.  Suitable from birth* to toddlerhood.  Machine washable.

*When using with a newborn (up to 3 months old) special modifications must be made to the tying procedure.  First, ALWAYS keep newborn legs inside the carrier "froggy style" rather than spreading the legs as with an older baby.  Second, rather than tying the shoulder straps under the baby's bottom, they should be tied around the baby's back for additional support.

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Purple Mei Tai w/ Minkee Backing
Purple Mei Tai w/ Minkee Backing
Purple Mei Tai w/ Minkee Backing

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