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Round Bead Fertility bracelet (memory wire) Round Bead Fertility bracelet (memory wire)
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This bracelets is made from the finest genuine gemstones know to strengthen the female reproductive system and nourish fertility. 

This bracelet features:

regulates the menstrual cycle and boosts overall female energy and energy linked to reproductive health

rose quartz--balances  fertility, equalizes sexual functions and improves flow of reproductive hormones.

amethyst--promotes calmness and clarity

tiger eye--promotes reproductive healing

hematite--all purpose healing stone

carnelian--Stimulates, balances and heals  the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina.

black onyx--provides stamina and strength to ensure a quick and easy childbirth

red coral--stimulates ovulation

turquoise--Connects physical and spiritual awareness, develops inner strength and calm

These round gemstone beads have been carefully strung on quality jewelry memory wire.  This bracelet will accommodate a wrist approximately 7"-8" around. (Please indicate in the comments section if you'd like your bracelet shortened or lengthened.)

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Round Bead Fertility bracelet (memory wire)
Round Bead Fertility bracelet (memory wire)
Round Bead Fertility bracelet (memory wire)

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