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Hearts UnPaper Towels Set of 6 Hearts UnPaper Towels Set of 6
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This set of 6 UnPaper Towels helps reduce your need on disposable products.   Clean up your messes with this adorable set any pet lover would adore.  

THE UNPAPER TOWEL! Such an innovative invention. What is it you ask? Think of a square shaped towel that cleans up messes without tearing. It has so much absorption power that lasts longer than that energetic bunny. Paper towel products promise more absorption and longer lasting quality but they eventually tear. The Unpaper Towel actually keeps its promises. 

Jane’s Sewing Corner presents its Unpaper Towels. Sold in sets of 6, each towel features one printed side and one solid colored side. The printed side is made of cotton which absorbs well. The other side is made of terry cloth which has very high absorbency. A funtional aspect of my towels is the addition of snaps that allow all 6 towels to continuously snap into each other. The towels can then be rolled and placed in a paper towel holder. How convenient is that? Furthermore, all towel fabrics are pre-washed to prevent shrinking. I have sewn an ‘X’ into each towel to reduce shifting and to maintain its shape. Edges are serged to prevent fraying. You will receive a high quality product. 

FABRIC: 100% cotton, 100% terry cloth

QUANTITY: Set of 6 towels

SIZE: 12 inch squares

CARE: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or hang to dry.

Still not convinced? A comparison below between paper towels and unpaper towels. From this you should be able to weigh the benefits. 

Absorb well but you have to use more than one towel to completely clean messes.
When washed more than once, it dissolves or shreds quickly.
These are made with very few prints and are not customizable.
Even though these aim for softness, there is still a stiffer aspect to paper towels. 
Expensive and form waste that affect the environment when thrown away.
Many trees are used to make paper towels. With fewer trees, there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

One can be used to completely clean messes. Higher absorbency.
Can be washed and reused over and over without dissolving.
These towels come in a variety of prints to match your kitchen or workspace. Color and print choices can be customized by the buyer.
Very soft to the touch.
Less expensive in the long run as you would not be buying a roll of paper every week. A set of 6 towels can last well over a year.
No trees are cut to make these towels. Therefore, there is increased oxygen production that contributes to cleaner air. Quite the eco-friendly solution.

Still not yet convinced? Here are few uses of this innovative product:
1) Kitchen counter cleaner
2) Clean messes and spills
3) Dirty kids? Use unpaper towels to wipe hands and clean messy faces.
4) Having a dinner party? Scrap the paper towel route. Use your unpaper towels as a classy & elegant option to display your cutlery (Ummmm…. That’s if you haven’t bought my Unpaper Napkins…*cough cough*).
5) Use these as a wine glass dryer mat. What? Don’t look at me strangely. These unpaper towels are so absorbent and protect my glasses wonderfully when they’re drying. 

Don’t pass on this wonderful opportunity to get yourself a set of gorgeous Unpaper Towels. 

This set is unsnapped but snaps can be added if desired for an additional charge of $2. 

Easy care.  Simply toss in the laundry with your other towels.   Avoid bleach and fabric softener to maintain the best perfomance.

Don't like this print?  Contact me to create a custom listing made just for you. 
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Hearts UnPaper Towels Set of 6
Hearts UnPaper Towels Set of 6
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