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How to measure your child

First you need to put the bulkiest diaper you own on your child such as your night diaper if you plan to use them at night. Now, grab a measuring tape, follow these steps, and don't forget to write these down. :)

Step 1: Hip

Wrap your measuring tape loosely around the hips and the widest part of the diaper.

Step 2: Rise

Start with the tape at the middle of your child's back, located above the diaper and even with the belly button. Loosely bring through the legs and up the front above the diaper. Remember that you want your wool to cover the diaper completely, and don't forget growing room!

Step 3: Inseam

(not pictured)

Measure from bottom of rise at the thigh to the bottom of foot for longies, or where you would like the pants to hit for shorts or capri. Another option is to take a pair of pants that fit well and measure the inseam on them if baby is not very cooperative.

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