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Nov 12, 2010
Item:Funky Monkey Custom for Kathryn
Customer service:Wonderful customer service! I was very pleased by her communication and help when I had tons of questions! I highly recommend this seller!
Product review: I bought custom funky monkey longies. They are perfect! I love the look of them, and the fit is great! I need more actually. The ones I got are dark gray, light gray, and red. I think I need more in other colors as well. I love them!
2010-11-17 03:16:30
When purchased:
Jul 3, 2010
Item:Hot Pink Butterfly
Customer service:No problems. Fast shipping.
Product review: Beautiful stitch markers!
2010-09-16 08:28:29
When purchased:
Apr 16, 2010
Item:Boy Stripes Small Shorties
Customer service:very fast shipping
Product review: adorable shorties well made!
2010-04-22 12:17:37
When purchased:
Jan 31, 2010
Item:18m 'My Lil Monster Lite' Board Shorts on BFL
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Love the shorties, really cute!
2010-04-19 03:55:27
When purchased:
Feb 28, 2010
Item:Medium Blurple Shorties
Customer service:Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful shorties; flawless!! Thank you for such fast shipping; we will definitely be back for even more!!!
Product review:
2010-03-03 11:17:13
When purchased:
Feb 4, 2010
Item:Sweet Tart Stripes
Customer service:Beautiful longies; I can't wait to get more! Thank you for such quick shipping!
Product review:
2010-02-13 09:17:30
When purchased:
Dec 17, 2009
Customer service:Very awesome, shipping was way fast.
Product review: These are so beautiful. I cannot wait to get more! They fit great and will for a while since I got them with a longer inseam for my DD. I will be stalking your store all the time!
2009-12-21 09:56:27
When purchased:
Nov 24, 2009
Item:YYMN Custom #2 for Lynn D
Customer service:Candice is an AWESOME!
Product review: Fantastic longies! The colors are great, fit is perfect and the needlework is super! :D
2009-12-10 01:27:33
When purchased:
Oct 16, 2009
Item:Lynn D. Custom YYMN
Customer service:WONDERFUL mama!! Looking forward to working with her again (and again, and again!)
Product review: Beautiful longies and matching hat for my daughter - the fit is great, quality is awesome, and I am super pleased! :D
2009-11-15 05:04:03
When purchased:
Nov 8, 2009
Item:Strawberry Fields
Customer service:Very quick shipping
Product review: Beautiful, and well made longies.
2009-11-12 11:25:32
When purchased:
Sep 4, 2009
Item:Desert Sky
Customer service:Fast shippment!
Product review: The fit is great, love the color!
2009-09-08 04:37:21
When purchased:
Jul 7, 2009
Item:12m Lillith Shorties
Customer service:Very fast shipping.
Product review: Beautiful shorties! The colorway is gorgeous and the knitting is perfect.
2009-07-15 02:35:32
When purchased:
May 8, 2009
Item:3-6m Dragonfly Dance
Customer service:Fast shipping & good communication. Thank you!

Product review:
2009-05-19 06:43:08
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