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37 listings found
Photo Biz name Title Price Qty
Hillcountry Dollmaker Autumn Garden Silk Marionette Puppet - Ready To Ship! $55.00 1
Miss Ruís Dolls Julia $225.00 1
Dollectable Lotta - waldorf doll (12.5 inch) $265.00 1
wah wah dolls - art craft doll making Lilka - Waldorf inspired doll $172.00 1
wah wah dolls - art craft doll making Inka - Waldorf inspired doll $188.00 1
wah wah dolls - art craft doll making Amelia - Waldorf inspired doll $220.00 1
wah wah dolls - art craft doll making Helenka - Waldorf inspired doll $172.00 1
Hillcountry Dollmaker Liana the Rainbow Fairy Doll, 16 inch, Custom order $250.00 5
Hillcountry Dollmaker Broomstick Waldorf Doll Outfit hand dyed dress, bloomers, headband $35.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Doll Cape $20.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Sling for a dolly or bear, hand dyed, with flower or leaf $25.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Dragon Jumpsuit or Onesie Waldorf Doll Outfit $35.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Tiny Waldorf Baby Doll in a Moses Basket or Boat $79.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Waldorf Elf Doll 12 or 16 inch Custom with his Lizard Friend $170.00 5
The Makers Cooperative Pink Waldorf Pocket Mama Doll $22.00 3
Hillcountry Dollmaker Pirate Pig, Plush Organic Velour, Waldorf Steiner Inspired Animal Doll $85.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Button Jointed Mouse, 15 Inch Waldorf Animal Doll, Girl or Boy $85.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Horse or Donkey For up to a 16" Waldorf Doll, Custom Listing, Organic Velour $160.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Princess Piggie $85.00 10
Hillcountry Dollmaker Farmer Pig Waldorf Animal by Hillcountry Dollmaker $85.00 10
37 listings found


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