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Store Policies

1) The diapers and covers are made from my own pattern, otherwise noted. 2) Fitted diapers with hidden poly fleece layers are not 100% waterproof. Recommend use with diaper covers. 
3) Diapers made PUL fabric need to be run in hot dryer several times to help seal the needles holes. This is to help preventing leaks.
4) I have washed all fabric two times in hot water wash and hot dryer setting prior to construction.
5) The products come from a cat friendly, non-smoking and clean home. The diapers and accessories are washed in hot wash/medium dryer setting prior to shipping.

Repairs and Returns:
1) I will honor returns within 14 days on any unused diapers, for hygienic reasons. 
2) If there is a design flaw or repairs, please contact me at funfortots@jsminn.com. I will be more than happy to work with you so we can meet your expectation.
3) For design flaw, please contact me within 48 hours after receiving your diaper.
4) For repairs, I will replace elastic and snap replacements, as needed.

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