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Jan 1, 2014
Item:Spot and Fire Trucks Fitted Diaper - Small
Customer service:Easy to work with and did a beautiful job on my custom!
Product review: Gorgeous, soft, squishy diapers! I've purchased the larger size for my toddler, and can't wait to use these small diapers on newby.
2014-05-04 04:47:30
When purchased:
May 17, 2012
Item:Blue Owl
Customer service:Fast shipping.
Product review: Fitted diaper is exactly as described and is beautifully worked.
2012-05-25 10:57:26
When purchased:
Dec 31, 2011
Item:It's A Zoo
Customer service:Thank you!!!
Product review: Perfect!!!
2012-02-19 06:06:41
When purchased:
Oct 30, 2011
Item:Blue Owl
Customer service:Thank you so much!
Product review: Love it
2011-11-25 04:58:01
When purchased:
Oct 10, 2010
Item:Strawberry Kiwi
Customer service:Awesome
Product review: These are my favorite diapers!
2010-11-06 01:38:06
When purchased:
Oct 14, 2010
Item:Neon Flowers
Customer service:great service, fast shipping, will be using our new diapers in March!
Product review:
2010-10-28 07:45:45
When purchased:
Sep 9, 2010
Item:Blue and brown flowers
Customer service:Great! Fast shipping. She gave a partial refund for a slight imperfection- thank you
Product review: Beautiful diapers- well made.
2010-09-16 07:12:26
When purchased:
Jun 8, 2010
Item:Green Bugs
Customer service:Okay.
Product review: Cute diapers, nicely made and they look like they'll fit a newborn well. I'd be hesitant to use them without a doubler on a bigger baby though since there doesn't seem to be a great deal of absorbency, but they'll be great for a new baby. Thanks:)
2010-06-30 10:18:51
When purchased:
May 19, 2010
Item:Blue and brown flowers
Customer service:Beautiful diaper! Fast shipper. Would buy from again.
Product review:
2010-05-28 07:48:36
When purchased:
May 4, 2010
Item:Green Bugs
Customer service:Awesome mama! Great communication and fast shipment!
Product review: Adorable diapers, havent gotten to try them yet as we are still cooking the baby. But they seem to be very well made!
2010-05-11 06:28:49
When purchased:
Apr 30, 2010
Item:Blue and brown flowers
Customer service:Fastest shipping EVER!!! 4 business days AND I am in CANADA! Great communication! She takes great care of her customers!
Product review: Love the cute prints, diapers are very well made!
2010-05-10 12:57:55
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