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When purchased:
Dec 4, 2018
Item:Lengthen Your Emotional Fuse! Anger, Fear, Panic, Anxiety
Adult Bracelet/Pocket Piece
Customer service: just received my code for 15% discount on order already placed. It was instagram
Product review:
2018-12-04 04:09:34
When purchased:
Nov 6, 2018
Item:Kids Unpolished Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, Wellness Jewelry - Light Bean
Customer service:Not sure where to reach out but need help confirming shipping address. I think the order is sending to billing address not specified shipping address which we want it to go to... thanks in advance!
Product review:
2018-11-06 12:08:05
When purchased:
Oct 9, 2018
Item:Kids Unpolished Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, Wellness Jewelry - Lemon Rose Quartz
Customer service:Please ship to Jessie Willey I input it specifically and it is saying Jessie Arvidson in shipping info.
Product review:
2018-10-10 05:57:53
Seller response: We've alerted our shipping dept and they will make the change before shipping. Thank you for letting us know.
2018-10-10 10:58:09
Buyer resolution: Thank you!!
2018-10-10 02:04:26
When purchased:
Sep 29, 2018
Item:Polished 3 Different
Kids Baltic Amber Wellness & Teething Necklace
Customer service:I have received the necklace I ordered today and took it out itís box and one of the amber pieces split in half Iím not very happy about this
Product review:
2018-10-05 04:44:51
Seller response: I'm so sorry to hear that your item arrived broken. Can you send us a picture of the broken area to our email address ? Once we have that, we will be happy to send you a replacement immediately.

Thank you,
2018-10-08 10:21:21
Buyer resolution: I can send you a picture of where the missing amber piece is. I had the broken one on the table with the necklace and i have three other children that are older and when i went to go get the necklace and piece i could not find the piece only the necklace. there is a spot on the necklace where the piece of amber was supposed to be before it broke.
2018-10-08 11:26:05
When purchased:
Jul 16, 2018
Item:Polished 3 Different
Kids Baltic Amber Wellness & Teething Necklace
Customer service:The product was sent very quickly.
Product review: Overall the quality of the necklaces are great. Unfortunately, I ordered the polished 3 color necklaces and was sent the polished 4 color necklaces. I know the products are really close, but I prefer the appearance of the three colors and am not as happy with my purchase now that the wrong product came.
2018-07-19 03:50:19
Seller response: Hello,
I am sorry to hear that you got the wrong item! We are happy to correct it for you. Are both necklaces incorrect? If not, which one? Can you please send us a picture of the item/s? Once you do we can get the correct item sent out and we will include a prepaid label for you to return the wrong one.
2018-07-20 01:41:23
Buyer resolution: I am not sure how to attach a photo using this form, but I sent an email to the address listed above and it was sent back to me. Thank you for your quick response.
2018-07-24 01:13:15
When purchased:
Jun 4, 2018
Item:Citrine Gemstone & Hazel - THE Best for Acid Reflux, Ulcers, Heartburn, Constipation
Customer service:Excellent customer service. Replied to questions within minutes. Product arrived in days.
Product review: I purchased this for my daughters terrible bout with morning sickness. After wearing it for two hours she texted me and said she was feeling better. The next morning I got a message asking "what kind of witchcraft is this ;) " Needless to say she hasn't taken it off and finally feels like a normal pregnant woman, vs being unable to function Thank you Finn!
2018-06-11 09:41:44
When purchased:
May 31, 2018
Item:Polished Honey
Kids Baltic Amber Wellness & Teething Necklace
Customer service:Is there any discount codes for these amber necklaces?
Product review:
2018-05-31 12:08:45
When purchased:
May 5, 2018
Item:Unpolished Harvest + CURBS HYPERACTIVITY
Kids Baltic Amber Wellness & Teething Necklace
Customer service:My son has only wore this necklace for about a week and some of the amber stones have broke off. This is my second necklace that I have bought for my son and the first one is still in perfect condition and it several years old.
Product review:
2018-05-16 09:16:27
When purchased:
Apr 17, 2017
Item:SAVE 33% - Reg. $64.90 - Mother & Child Necklace Set - Daisy Flower
Customer service:Great!
Product review: I absolutely loved this mommy and me set. My LO has out grown her necklace but it was so beautiful and help out so much. Will def. order again.
2018-05-01 02:03:46
When purchased:
Apr 24, 2018
Item:Baltic Amber Necklace - Polished Petite Faceted Multicolor
Customer service:I ordered at 12pm and received my necklace by 5pm the next day!
Product review: The necklace is beautiful and excellent quality. This is the 5th necklace Iíve purchased from IBF and Iíve never been dissatisfied.
2018-04-26 02:39:57
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2018
Item:Unpolished Cider
Kids Baltic Amber Wellness & Teething Necklace
Customer service:The shipping address is wrong on my order it should be 724 quail run seven points tx 75143 thank you could you please let me no that u change it
Product review:
2018-04-14 04:29:56
When purchased:
Mar 26, 2018
Item:Unpolished Multi
Customer service:We love Inspired by Finn! They answer so fact and shipping is a breeze! This is the 4th necklace we have purchased for our children and we will keep coming back for more gemstone options!
Product review: We loooooove the Baltic amber becklaces made by Inspired by Finn. The love and intricate work are none surpassed. Each bead is tied individually which makes this perfect for my littles.
2018-03-30 05:18:28
When purchased:
Apr 25, 2015
Unpolished Harvest
Customer service:Amazing results!
Product review:
2018-01-21 08:53:32
When purchased:
Dec 14, 2017
Item:***NEW***Polished Cognac
Customer service:
Product review: This is the 2nd Baltic Amber necklace I have bought and I love them! Very pretty!
2017-12-14 10:00:39
When purchased:
Jun 26, 2017
Item:MAX STRENGTH Necklace
Curbs Hyperactivity & Attn Deficit, Improves Focus
Customer service:Quick and easy check out process.
Product review: Great products. All of our necklaces hold up well to my toddler pulling on them.
2017-11-29 08:01:26
When purchased:
Sep 15, 2017
Item:SALE! Discontinued Style Bracelet
Polished Yellow
Customer service:Once again I have gotten top quality jewelry from you guys. We have been buying Amber and Hazelwood from you guys for 7 years now. We tell everyone we know to only but their Amber and Hazelwood from you guys.
Product review: Love all my products. Unfortunately my ADHD bracelet was to small even though I measured my wrist. When I measured the bracelet itself it was smaller than the size I ordered so that was a bummer. I have to order a new ADHD necklace for my son since his cell off some where. We did see a calmer child that had more focus while he was wearing it. Hoping for a good sale soon so I can buy a new one for him.
2017-11-09 06:21:04
Negative comment
When purchased:
Oct 1, 2017
Item:Chips - Polished Colorful
Customer service:My necklace is already broke... how do I get a refund and return it? I will not pay to send it back to you.. you guys and send me something to return it..
Product review: Had the necklace only for a week and it's already broke! I will expect to get a full refund.
2017-10-10 08:39:29
Seller response: I'm sorry to hear your necklace has broken!

We have a 90 day warranty on all of our products to allow for any defects that may exist. As all of our products are handmade, there is an occasional 'human error' factor.

My apologies for the inconvenience!

We see you've also sent us an e-mail. We've responded to your e-mail with details of options that are available to you. (We can either reship a replacement item to you or issue you a full refund. Your choice.)

2017-10-10 12:14:27
Negative comment
When purchased:
Sep 28, 2017
Item:Bracelet/Anklet/Pocket Piece
Curbs Hyperactivity & Attn Deficit, Improves Focus
Customer service:Please someone email me asap at it won't let me log in to my account and i cant contact you fot help unless im logged in and i received the wrong item.
Product review: Please someone email me asap at it won't let me log in to my account and i cant contact you fot help unless im logged in and i received the wrong item.
2017-10-04 09:37:14
Seller response: Hi there,
I am so sorry you received the wrong item! I have sent you an email to get this resolved! For future reference you can contact us with any concerns at
2017-10-04 12:00:01
When purchased:
Aug 23, 2017
Item:Polished Honey
Customer service:Hi, I just placed an order, Holly Cunningham, and intended to send it to a friend, I thought I just entered billing info, can I still change the shipping address?
Product review:
2017-08-23 10:22:02
When purchased:
Aug 8, 2017
Item:Elastic Anklet
Polished 4 Different Colors
Customer service:I don't see the delivery date for the anklet I ordered today. What is the delivery date for my order on 8-8-2017
Product review:
2017-08-09 02:59:42
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