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When purchased:
Nov 30, 2014
Item:Birds Fleece Soaker
Customer service:
Product review: Just gorgeous!
2018-03-23 05:19:53
When purchased:
Jan 2, 2015
Item:Pink elephant fleece soaker
Customer service:
Product review: Amazing work.
2018-03-23 05:19:38
When purchased:
Jul 7, 2016
Item:Solid Underwear
Customer service:
Product review: LOVE!!
2018-03-23 05:19:20
When purchased:
Dec 1, 2016
Item:Size 1 Marauders Map Maxaloones
Customer service:
Product review: Love love love these! They are absolutely perfect for my little mischievious 2 year old. He is always up to no good! They came very quickly, and the stitching is wonderful. Thank you so much!
2016-12-07 06:59:38
When purchased:
May 11, 2016
Item:Pacman Maxaloones
Customer service:Super fast shipping!
Product review: PERFECT in every way! Will be back again!
2016-05-16 05:32:59
When purchased:
Mar 31, 2016
Item:Lil Dr Shortaloones
Customer service:Great customer service. Quick turnaround time.
Product review: Adorable! Great quality! Would buy from again!
2016-05-11 05:33:41
When purchased:
Dec 15, 2015
Item:RTS 5/6 Bubble Guppies Underwear
Customer service:great as always!
Product review: Love her stuff and her service. We have TONS of her undies!
2016-03-05 07:59:02
When purchased:
Oct 31, 2015
Item:Princess Castle maxaloones
Customer service:Awesome!
Product review: Love the maxaloones, will be ordering again soon!!
2015-11-17 02:20:18
When purchased:
Nov 1, 2015
Item:pipes, mario or princess underwear
Customer service:Great communication and fast turn around time`
Product review: Love her fabrics and these undies hold up great! Have placed many orders and will continue to do so. Thanks again!
2015-11-15 08:22:18
When purchased:
Nov 5, 2015
Item:Poke Ball Underwear
Customer service:made & shipped within a week of buying, notified with paypal tracking
Product review: Love the undies, they are very cute & fit my 3yr well. they have been washed once already & held up well. they didn't seem to shrink much at all either & seem much comfier than store bought undies.
2015-11-13 11:38:08
When purchased:
Oct 29, 2015
Item:CLEARANCE RTS Size 1 Cloudy/Meatball shorts
Customer service:
Product review: We love them!!!
2015-11-05 12:04:31
When purchased:
Sep 23, 2015
Item:Sailor moon underwear
Customer service:Excellent. Custom order was just what I wanted!
Product review: Love all my June Bugs things! My daughter has plenty of underwear for now but I'll need trainers for my second someday . . . and maybe more shirts :)
2015-10-26 07:26:02
When purchased:
Aug 22, 2015
Item:Doc Underwear
Customer service:seller is great as always! customs are done very quickly
Product review: great fabric choices and great pattern. Thanks so much
2015-09-26 07:46:57
When purchased:
Sep 11, 2015
Item:Lime octopus underwear
Customer service:quick turnaround!!
Product review: Love these undies, have ordered multiple times,can't beat her price and time
2015-09-26 07:35:08
When purchased:
May 22, 2015
Item:#2 Assorted Girls wipes set of 5 8x8 serged
Customer service:Excellent customer service, fast shipping!
Product review: They were excellent and adorable! Exactly what I was looking for! Great quality!
2015-08-28 11:11:52
When purchased:
Jul 18, 2015
Item:Fractured flowers underwear
Customer service:
Product review: My 3rd or 4th purchase from this seller and very happy once again. Great quality fabrics and fast turnaround.
2015-08-08 08:36:59
When purchased:
Jul 19, 2015
Item:Sailor moon underwear
Customer service:Fast communication when I messaged seller
Product review: Great turn around time for custom undies. Cannot beat the price and quality! Thanks again
2015-08-08 08:36:23
When purchased:
Jun 27, 2015
Item:Large 5/6 Sisters Forever Underwear
Customer service:WOW! I can't believe how fast these custom undies came. Super quick!
Product review: Great quality fabrics and style. My daughter loves them! thank you again
2015-07-03 08:52:18
When purchased:
Jun 21, 2015
Item:Honey Bear Underwear
Customer service:Quick turnaround and shipping!
Product review: More great undies for my girl -- she loves them! Both the Large 5/6 and the 8/10 fit my big/tall 4.5 year old, the 8/10s are roomy and will fit a while! Thank you for offering larger sizes. :)
2015-06-30 07:11:34
When purchased:
Jun 14, 2015
Item:Forest Friend Underwear
Customer service:Fast turnaround and shipping!
Product review: Fantastic undies, cute and comfy! Sizing is generous. Will definitely order more in the future!
2015-06-29 01:36:33
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