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Aug 9, 2015
Item:Mega Size! Bee Balm Salve in Recyclable plastic jar, 10 oz.
Customer service:Clear hills honey bee balm fiasco
Product review: I ordered a 10oz jar of bee balm from clear hills honey and paid for priority shipping. After approximately 3 weeks it was finally shipped and instead of a 10 Oz jar they sent me an 8 Oz jar instead. They gave me a small lip balm for my trouble. I suggest only deal with reputable sellers.
2015-08-29 05:33:47
Negative comment
When purchased:
May 12, 2014
Item:Bee Balm Salve in Hexagon Jar, 2 oz.
Customer service:I purchased this item. After several weeks of waiting and attempting to contact her, I opened a paypal dispute which was decided in my favor. I really did want the products, since I do love them. I hope everything is ok.
Product review:
2014-07-02 12:39:42
Negative comment
When purchased:
Jan 11, 2013
Item:Honey Cream w/ Organic Shea Butter: Lavender, Vanilla, Violet!
Customer service:not good. i had to file a claim with paypal before i even heard from the seller. product wasn't sent out until 3 weeks after i ordered. seller added a lip balm to my order to appologize for the delay and promised to refund half of what i paid. i have not heard anything back after the promise of a refund and have not received a refund. i've had good customer service before when ordering from clear hills honey but i won't order again.
Product review: i'm trying the deodorant for the first time and it doesn't work well with my body unfortunately. it is smooth and i like that it's a stick but it just doesn't work for me. the scent is a little masculine for me too but my husband hasn't complained. the lotion is great and the "appology" lip balm is great as usual. i do love the lip balm.
2013-02-23 11:59:14
When purchased:
May 8, 2012
Item:Natural Beeswax Lipbalm, Fruit, Nuts, & Berries! Organic Flavors!
Customer service:Wonderful communication and customer service.
Product review: My favorite lip balm! Soft, goes on easily and smells good enough to eat!
2013-02-06 04:40:14
When purchased:
Oct 8, 2012
Item:Mama Bee Belly Butter, All Natural! with Organic Ingredients
Customer service:I emailed Clear Hills Honey Company with questions about this product and received very prompt response. Very fast shipping. Excellent customer care, will definitely return.
Product review: I purchased this product to use as a cream for scar healing. I had undergone Carpal Tunnel Release surgery and was hoping this product would help diminish the scar. My surgeon was not only impressed with the speed of healing I had undergone but also at the diminished scar. It has been two months since my surgery and no one can see my scar. I will definitely be using it again after my next surgery.
2012-12-26 12:15:46
When purchased:
Nov 4, 2012
Item:Mocha Latte Shimmer Beeswax Lipbalm! Organic Flavor
Customer service:A W E S O M E !
Product review: Love these lipbalms...the only ones I will use!
2012-12-01 05:40:33
When purchased:
Apr 6, 2012
Item:Mocha Latte Shimmer Beeswax Lipbalm! Organic Flavor
Customer service:Wonderful!
Product review: Awesome as always :)
2012-07-13 07:42:52
When purchased:
May 27, 2012
Item:Chocolate Cheesecake Lip Balm
Customer service:Wonderful, as always!
Product review: Purchased Knitter's Balm and 2 lip balms as I was running out of these and needed more...and her products never disappoint! Thanks, Carm!
2012-06-10 05:03:07
When purchased:
Apr 5, 2012
Item:Natural Beeswax Lipbalm, Fruit, Nuts, & Berries! Organic Flavors!
Customer service:Took a while to receive but seller kept in contact and sent extras ( a lot of extras) to make up for the delay.
Product review: These are awesome! I love these chapsticks and so does my daughter. Would highly recommend and will be buying more. THanks so much!
2012-05-15 09:18:09
When purchased:
May 2, 2012
Item:Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Collection, "Death by Chocolate"
Customer service:Good, Shipping was a bit slow for an in stock item, but seller sent a friendly email when it shipped.
Product review: The lip balm is great, I had got some as a WAHM sample a while back and was excited to place an order. I was a bit dissapointed in the packaging for the gift set. It was much different than pictured (a plastic looking case was pictured and I recived in a paper sack carrier) but I'm sure my firned will love the gift.
2012-05-12 07:08:44
When purchased:
Apr 5, 2012
Item:Knitter's Balm with Organic Shea Butter, the Original!
Customer service:great communication and super sweet extras
Product review: yummy smelling and lovely feeling.
2012-04-22 01:37:36
When purchased:
Apr 5, 2012
Item:Strawberry Shimmer Lip Balm
Customer service:
Product review: My favorite all-time lip balms are from Clear Hills Honey Company. I've tried so many others, and none really compare to the smoothness and long last.
2012-04-21 04:09:42
When purchased:
May 22, 2011
Item:Honey Cream w/ Shea Butter: Lavender, Vanilla, Violet!
Customer service:Superb as always!!
Product review: Wonderful stuff, my teen daughters and I are fighting over it! Will be looking for more soon I'm sure!
2012-04-13 09:07:39
When purchased:
Nov 27, 2010
Item:Natural Beeswax Lipbalm, Fruit, Nuts, & Berries! Organic Flavors!
Customer service:Shipped promptly, very friendly.
Product review: Our favorite lip balms! Every flavor we've tried has been great, goes on smoothly, isn't sticky/tacky.
2012-03-19 12:41:30
When purchased:
Dec 15, 2009
Item:NEW! Mocha Latte Shimmer Beeswax Lipbalm! Organic Flavor
Customer service:Customer service is always outstanding.
Product review: I'm addicted to Clear Hills Honey lip balms! I have a bunch of them stashed all over so there's always one handy when I need it. Thanks for making such a great product!
2012-02-03 02:31:31
When purchased:
Mar 15, 2011
Item:Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Collection, "Death by Chocolate"
Customer service:Wonderful! The collection was packaged so beautifully I felt like I was opening a present!
Product review: Every flavor was amazing (even the chocolate covered strawberry, which I wasn't sure I'd like because I don't like fruity chocolate)! I've had to hide them because my 5 yr old likes them so much he steals them. ;)
2012-02-03 02:15:04
When purchased:
Sep 2, 2010
Item:NEW! Chocolate Cheesecake Lip Balm
Customer service:Wonderful as always!
Product review: You can't beat Clear Hills' lip balm, and this scent is to die for! I've got a new favorite. <3
2012-02-03 02:12:33
When purchased:
Apr 19, 2011
Item:Natural Beeswax Lipbalm, Chocolate, Chai Tea, Desserts, & More!
Customer service:Slow, items took over 6 weeks to arrive, no communication from seller until item shipped.
Product review: GREAT! They smell great, they go on easy, and work superbly.
2012-01-11 09:28:14
When purchased:
Apr 23, 2008
Item:Honey Glycerine Soap with Beeswax & Propolis
Customer service:Great
Product review: It was a gift
2011-12-07 11:23:14
When purchased:
Nov 1, 2011
Item:NEW Mega Size! Bee Balm Salve in Recyclable plastic jar, 10 oz.
Customer service:
Product review: This stuff is amazing! We use it daily and my whole family loves it! Thank you!
2011-12-06 03:46:35
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