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Pink Lemonade has received 207 feedback comments and no negatives.

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When purchased:
Sep 7, 2010
Item:Co-Op Order for Joanna R
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Love the pads, thank you!
2011-03-23 12:12:30
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:Co-Op! 13" Post Partum Pads - choose your backing and your width!
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Great pads!
2011-03-23 12:12:11
When purchased:
Nov 29, 2010
Item:~*Swarovski Sparkle*~ Earrings
Customer service:Sue is so prompt and professional! Thank you for the great deal.
Product review: Love the pretty earrings - perfect for tween gift giving! And the mama pads are so luxurious and well made.
2010-12-04 07:19:26
When purchased:
Sep 9, 2010
Item:Co-Op Order for Sarah G
Customer service:Fantastic! I love Sue's pads, they are simple perfect. The new wider style are my new favorite pad.
Product review: Absorbant. Pretty. Soft. These hold up so well to repeated washings. Couldn't be more happy with my Pink Lemonade pads!
2010-11-30 08:16:46
When purchased:
Sep 7, 2010
Item:Co-Op Order for Lynn D
Customer service:Sue is a FANTASTIC seller! Super helpful in finding what you need!
Product review: My mama cloth is AWESOME - such a great mama! Ships fast, great construction, and SO squishy soft! :)
2010-11-09 08:47:25
When purchased:
Sep 9, 2010
Item:Co-Op! 10" Heavy or 11" Overnight Pads - choose your backing and your width!
Customer service:Great communication & quick turn around. Beautiful!
Product review:
2010-11-05 03:46:05
When purchased:
Sep 18, 2010
Item:Co-Op! 7.5" Regular Pantyliners - choose your backing and your width!
Customer service:Great communication & quick turn around. Beautiful!
Product review:
2010-11-05 03:45:42
When purchased:
Jul 23, 2010
Item:OBV Toddler Blanket
Customer service:Sue was very sweet to work with. Right before she shipped, she realized there was a small imperfection and offered an additional discount or a new blanket. It was very sweet of her.
Product review: The dye job is amazing! I am in love! I will be posting pictures of my little man wrapped in his new blanket on her facebook page very soon. It's sure to make you green with 'Envy.'
2010-09-04 03:37:42
When purchased:
Jun 20, 2010
Item:Surprise! Bamboo Velour 9" Day Pads with fleece backs
Customer service:Great customer service. Shipped right away. Very good and friendly communication.
Product review: Beautiful mama cloth. Fits great and works super well. I have and will return to Sue for more.
2010-07-30 11:30:58
When purchased:
May 19, 2010
Item:Surprise! Cotton Topped 11" Overnight Pads with fleece backs
Customer service:Very good!
Product review: Great pads!
2010-06-14 01:16:42
When purchased:
Dec 1, 2009
Item:24 hour HC$ Auction! ~*Just for Fun*~ Hand dyed Superwash Merino Sock Yarn
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Love the yarn. Made myself a nice little java jumper so far for my travel mug and the rest just sits in the yarn basket....looking pretty and waiting for a purpose!
2010-05-15 03:43:18
When purchased:
Jan 28, 2010
Item:~*Grapevine*~ Lampwork Glass & Swarovski Crystal Stitch Markers
Customer service:Nicely packaged and great communication!
Product review: I dont knit ( these were a swap purchase) but they looked very well made!
2010-03-05 09:23:38
When purchased:
Jan 3, 2010
Item:~*Something for Mom*~ Mama Cloth & Wetbag Collab with Loving Touch Wetbags
Customer service:Fast Shipping
Product review: Great Mama Cloth!
2010-01-08 07:17:40
When purchased:
Nov 27, 2009
Item:48 hour HC$ Auction! ~*Feeling Crabby*~ Child Size Bracelet
Customer service:Wonderful
Product review: Very well made, thank you.
2010-01-06 09:21:07
When purchased:
Dec 15, 2009
Item:Stocking Stuffer! ~*My First Pearls*~ Newborn Bracelet
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: Such a sweet newborn bracelet! Can't wait to put in on my Little One.
2009-12-20 04:57:42
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2009
Item:Surprise! Bamboo Velour 9" Day Pads with fleece backs
Customer service:great!
Product review: as always beautiful colors & very well made
2009-12-17 04:39:54
When purchased:
Dec 11, 2009
Item:Doorbuster Sale! ~*Smoky Quartz*~ Bracelet
Customer service:Wondeful! Sue emailed me to make sure the bracelet was the right length, adjusted it for me and shipped the next day! She added a pair of earings as well!
Product review: The bracelet is stunning, perfect work!
2009-12-15 04:10:21
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2009
Item:Stocking Stuffer! ~*Flower Power*~ Child Size Bracelet
Customer service:Excellent, excellent, excellent customer service. She was in constant contact with me re: questions, measurements, etc. Exceptional seller. Thank You!
Product review: Absolutely beautiful bracelet, can hardly wait for my daughter's eyes to light up on Christmas morning.
2009-12-14 04:23:38
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2009
Item:Doorbuster Special! ~*Kyanite*~ Sterling Silver Earrings
Customer service:Excellent customer service from beginning to end!
Product review: Beautiful attention to detail and design. Very well done! Thank you! :)
2009-12-05 01:42:02
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2009
Item:Doorbuster Sale! ~*Feelin' Blue*~ Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Silver Watch
Customer service:Above and beyond! Sue adjusted the length to perfect specs and kept in touch w/ emails to update about shipping, etc. Shipped quickly, packaged beautifully and even included very nice freebies! :)
Product review: Very finely crafted jewelry and perfectly custom sized. Top-notch product!
2009-12-05 01:41:14
207 feedback comments found


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