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When purchased:
Jan 17, 2014
Item:Full Size Wool Wash Bar
Customer service:Great
Product review: Love the smell! Great lather, would love more
2014-03-13 10:01:18
When purchased:
Feb 2, 2014
Minky Hybrid Fitted M/L
Customer service:Customer service was great and shipping was fast! Michelle was super helpful with all my questions about the different types of diapers and wool.
Product review: We love our A Lovely Start (ALS) fitted diapers!! ALS minky hybrid diapers are our absolute favorite diapers in our house!! They are super absorbent and fit great!! They are a perfect night time diaper especially paired with a pair of ALS upcycled wool longies!!
2014-02-12 02:20:16
When purchased:
May 10, 2013
Item:"GN/Boyish" Cotton Knit and Bamboo wipes 8 pack
Customer service:Good customer service, fast shipping
Product review: Love these wipes, I use them for everything!. Soft knits and bamboo very well made.
2014-02-07 01:49:37
When purchased:
May 10, 2013
Item:Waterproof Nursing Pads "Ooga Booga Teals"
Customer service:Excellent communication and fast shipping
Product review: Great product, the first nursing pads I have found that keep me dry.
2014-02-07 01:48:29
When purchased:
May 31, 2013
Item:Teal Ooga
Quick Dry Bamboo Fitted NB/S
Customer service:Excellent communication and fast shipping
Product review: Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Love how these diapers fit and very absorbent.
2014-02-07 01:47:37
When purchased:
Dec 5, 2012
Item:Teething Lovey - "Peaceful Earth"
Customer service:Excellent as always.
Product review: This is beautiful, soft and a great teething toy/lovey. A huge hit with my daughter and nephew.
2013-04-08 10:52:23
When purchased:
Dec 6, 2012
Item:Quick Dry Bamboo Fitted - M/L (Spring Ooga)
Customer service:Awesome communication with seller, quick shipping, arrived just as described. I'd say great customer service.
Product review: Amazing fitted diaper.. Fits my daughter perfectly, absorbs well and is so cute! Attention to detail is evident in the making of this diaper, as everything looked perfect. Also I was given a bonus gift just for shopping, which was a very nice surprise!
2013-01-07 11:19:13
When purchased:
Jul 12, 2012
Item:Quick Dry Bamboo Fitted - M/L (Peace Daisy)
Customer service:Awesome!
Product review: Love my diaper!! A vey absorbant fitted!! and fits really good!
2012-09-27 08:51:01
When purchased:
Jun 6, 2012
Item:"Baby Whale" Upcycled Board Shorts - L/XL Seaspray Cashmere
Customer service:shipped and received the same week! Michelle is easy to talk to and ships things very quickly! i love the added bonus of the CMC wool wash bits added to my purchase every time!!
Product review: these board shorts are AMAZINGLY soft! awesome quality as always
2012-07-30 01:53:08
When purchased:
Jan 27, 2012
Item:"Argyle" Upcycled Longies - Med/Large
Customer service:Awesome of course!
Product review: Loved my Miss Foxy longies. So "lovely" and got a ton of compliments on them. They fit oh so well and come smelling just gorgeous from the lanolin wash she does. I'm a repeat customer, I just love love love these woolies!
2012-06-22 09:21:24
When purchased:
Jan 29, 2012
Item:"Mushroom" Upcycled Longies - Large/XL
Customer service:Very fast shipping with excellent customer service. Received a gift which was a nice touch.
Product review: The longies are very well made and work amazing. I will be a returning customer. Thank You
2012-03-01 03:46:34
When purchased:
Jan 27, 2012
Item:"Chocolate Sorbet Stripes" Upcycled Longies - Small/Med
Customer service:Awesome!!!
Product review: LOVE these!
2012-02-15 12:54:46
When purchased:
Jan 27, 2012
Item:Size 2 Pocket DIaper - "Ooga on Ice"
Customer service:Michelle is the best!
Product review: Great, high quality, beautiful products. Fast shipping! Will def be doing business again :)
2012-02-14 09:16:51
When purchased:
Jan 27, 2012
Item:Quick Dry Bamboo Fitted - M/L (Delovely Damask -Pink serging and snaps)
Customer service:She's an absolute peach to deal with =)
Product review: Amazing quality diapers, can't wait to buy more!
2012-02-13 03:14:14
When purchased:
Jan 27, 2012
Item:Quick Dry Bamboo Fitted - M/L (Peace Daisy)
Customer service:Michelle's customer service is awesome and for sure will be buying from her again! Things were shipped out on a Monday and by Wednesday(if not Tuesday) they were at my house!
Product review: Her diapers and longies are AMAZING!!! I want more diapers!!!
2012-02-12 10:21:46
When purchased:
Jan 27, 2012
Item:Quick Dry Bamboo Fitted - Small (Teal Ooga Booga)
Customer service:awesome as always!!!
Product review:
2012-02-10 05:35:46
When purchased:
Jan 27, 2012
Item:Quick Dry Bamboo Fitted - M/L (Delovely Damask - Orange snaps)
Customer service:Awesome as always!!!
Product review:
2012-02-10 05:35:35
When purchased:
Feb 14, 2011
Item:Reserved Listing! Diaper and Shirt to match footies - 6 month
Customer service:Great communication. She kept me informed the whole entire time she was making a gift for my friend. Answered all questions in a timely manner.
Product review: Cuteness beyond Cute! I love the set and the attention to detail was amazing. Sewing was impeccable I hope to keep this set for a very long time. I will definitely be keeping her info for a coming home outfit for any future babies that we will be having.
2011-03-01 11:37:31
When purchased:
Feb 11, 2011
Item:Reserved Listing! Pink Ooga Deluxe Change Pad
Customer service:Michelle from A Lovely Start went above and beyond to creative this changing pad epscially for me! She took the time to locate and order a hard to find fabric that I requested and it came out beautifully!! I can't wait to be able to use it with my newest little one.
Product review: The deluxe changing pad came out even nicer than I expected. It's higher quality than you could find in any store and I couldn't be happier.
2011-02-24 08:08:38
When purchased:
Feb 4, 2011
Item:Red Apple Upcycled Longies - Medium
Customer service:Great service. Needed some adjustments to this "stock" item and Michelle was super easy to work with and very accomodating :) FAST shipping too! They were here within days!
Product review: VERY nice heavy longies. So soft, great weight, perfect!
2011-02-19 11:34:33
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