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Jul 12, 2009
Item:Misty Morning Waldorf Inspired Doll
Customer service:Professional and prompt - thanks!
Product review: My DD loves this little doll, it is a doll for her Waldorf doll! She brought it to school to share with her class and told them how it was handmade. <3
2009-10-20 09:27:53
When purchased:
Jul 12, 2009
Item:Waldorf Bendy Dragon Doll
Customer service:Super, packaged well and shipped fast.
Product review: My 7yo DS loves this little guy! He even brought him to school to share.
2009-10-20 09:26:38
When purchased:
Sep 14, 2009
Item:Select from your favorite Perfumes made with pure Essential Oils
Customer service:Wonderful!!!
Product review: I am amazed by how great they all smell and the scent lasts.Love it!!!
2009-10-05 01:04:58
When purchased:
Sep 5, 2009
Item:A single perfume sample with free shipping!
Customer service:Quick ship!
Product review: The perfume is delicious! A beautiful mix and one of my new favorites. I'll be back for more soon!
2009-09-15 12:09:48
When purchased:
Jul 16, 2009
Item:Forest Friend Waldorf Inspired Doll
Customer service:
Product review: Selena is awesome to work with! She always creates beautiful dolls for my boys. Her generous nature has helped us grow our beautiful collection. Thank you so much!
2009-08-16 10:37:32
When purchased:
Aug 2, 2009
Item:100% HC$$ Auction! Waldorf Inspired Bendy Doll Mama and Baby
Customer service:Fast shipping and very friendly WAHM!
Product review: We love these! The detailing is adorable and the craftsmanship is perfect. We will be back for more of these lovely little dolls!
2009-08-12 03:35:16
When purchased:
Jul 16, 2009
Item:Raven Haired Maiden Waldorf Inspired Doll
Customer service:Shipped Quickly and packaged Great!
Product review: Beautiful Waldorf Dolls and a pleasure to work with Selena!
2009-07-20 02:50:19
When purchased:
Jul 12, 2009
Item:Bug Off Repellant in a Lotion Stick
Customer service:SUPER FAST SHIPPING:)
Product review: This bug off bar is great! We especially love how pocket sized it is. We used it tonite at dusk with great success!
Thank you:P)
2009-07-19 09:08:04
When purchased:
Jun 27, 2009
Item:Nag Champa Soy Wax Tarts
Customer service:Perfect, these shipped and arrived very quickly and communication was great as well.
Product review: Love the tarts -- they have helped to cover up and awful burnt smell in the house from a stove disaster and make things pleasant in here again. And they haven't been giving me any trouble with headaches, which is wonderful... so I can enjoy them any time I want to.
2009-07-15 12:29:53
When purchased:
Jun 30, 2009
Item:Green Goddess Perfume Oil
Customer service:Wonderful!!!
Product review: Smells amazing!!!
2009-07-12 01:16:26
When purchased:
Jun 27, 2009
Item:Earth Artisan Soap with Shea and Cocoa Butters
Customer service:Awesome communication! Super fast shipping!
Product review: Beautiful product! Well made
2009-07-01 05:22:38
When purchased:
Jun 27, 2009
Item:Soap Deck with 4 Sample Sized Soaps
Customer service:Great communication, Super fast shipping
Product review: Wonderful product! All the samples smell so good, I can't wait to try them out!
2009-07-01 05:22:05
When purchased:
Jun 27, 2009
Item:Soapdish with Soap Sample Special Listing for MunchkinWear
Customer service:Excellent! Selena kindly created a smaller package for me to purchase than what she normally stocks in order to help me purchase from her, yet save some money. She was always quick to respond to my PMs, was extremely easy to work with, and sent my package very quickly!
Product review: The soap deck looks well made and sturdy and the soap smells yummy! This is a gift for a friend...hope they like it as much as I do!
2009-07-01 02:30:26
When purchased:
Jun 15, 2009
Item:Soap Samples from Motherhues with Free Shipping!
Customer service:Excellent -- friendly communication and very quick shipping!
Product review: I love the blends that were sent and have been taking sniffs waiting till I get the chance to test them out further!
2009-06-27 09:03:06
When and where purchased: Responded to an ISO post - November 2009

Item Description:Traded plastic eggs for soaps/lip balms

Customer service: She offered to pay shipping plus a little extra for the eggs. I had a ton of brand new still in package eggs so I packed them up and shipped them the same day. They take up a lot of space, so shipping was kind of high.
She said she was shipping out a box of "goodies" ie soaps/lip balms out to me. And I haven't heard from her since.
I wanted to order more soaps from her to use as Christmas gifts, however all attempts to communicate (via convo on etsy, pm here, and email through her store) have been ignored.

When and where purchased: Thru etsy on and thru email November 2009

Item Description: soap,lotion,solid perfume in earth flower, 2 girl bendydolls, one boy bendy doll and a horsie

Customer service: I purchased a bar of soap(8.75) from Selenas etsy store and convoed her to see if she could do customs(12. solid perfume and lotion) as the earth flower scent was very relaxing and I was hoping it would help during labor : ( I hadnt heard back from her so emailed and received a response beggining of Dec, she said thinsg ahd been hectic with Thanksgiving holiday. I menitoned interest in her bendy dolls and a horsie and she said she could do the dolls but couldnt promise the horsie, would let me know, Emailed 2 days later to tell me she was able to make the horsie as well and that everything was ready to ship. I paypaled another 42. and have been waiting since Dec 2nd with no response and no items. She replied fine to my emails at first, no problems was very nice - Hoping to be able to update this with positive's once my items are received I have faith in you!!!
UPDATE_ Paypal found in my favor and refunded 2 of the three transactions for a total of 50.75, still no word from the Mama and unable to dispute the final 12.00 as it was send as payment owed to keep them from taking her fees out-
When and Where Purchased: Necessitae, HC September 30, 2009

Item desciption: A Pocket Garden Gnome & A delightful mini garden harvest

Customer service: I have not been able to contact the seller, I have tried through email, pm's & Etsy and have had no response. I tried to be patient and thought maybe something had happend but with no contact It's hard to know. Unfortunately I am unable to file with Paypal now.

Product review: I have not received the items.

Update December 23, 2009
I was contacted by a wonderful member of Necessitae and I have received a full refund - bless them. To this date I have had no reply from Motherhues.
When and where purchased:
October 2009 - I contacted Selena via pm on HC about a custom.

Specific item:
Bendy doll and playmat with accessories

Customer service:
Communication was excellent in the beginning - she was very prompt at answering my pm's and my many questions. I sent payment on October 30, 2009 and have not heard from her since. I tried contacting her via pm and e-mail on December 1, 2009 and a few days later made a forum post looking for her. I still have not heard from her.

Product review:
Item has not yet been received.

I am still hoping that the playset will arrive in time for Christmas. I will update this review with the outcome.

edited to change payment date from Oct 10 to OCt 30
When and where purchased:
Necessitae order #810, Sept 2007

Specific item:
Blond girl in pink, pink celtic horse

Customer service:
Selena very sweet with emails and shipment quick.

Product review:
These will be Christmas gifts, but my dd had seen them in the store and hoped that Santa would bring them for Christmas. So I know she'll love them! They are adorable and so nicely made. Thank you!
When and where purchased: Many times via Nec. and pm

Item: Dragon, bitty dragon in a wool egg, various bendies

customer service: Incredible. I mentioned to her that my dd was in love with a certain dragon and she reworked her dragon pattern to make it more like the one my dd wanted, and it was perfect, so we had to purchase a little hatchling and bendies. They were shipped incredibly fast.
product review:Perfect
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