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Jul 31, 2012
Item:Rugged Green Lotus
Customer service:Fast delivery.
Product review: Lotus necklace is very nice.
2012-08-15 12:44:36
When purchased:
Mar 14, 2012
Item:Lavender and Lime Necklace
Customer service:Great communication and amazing easy to work with.
Product review: Another beautiful necklace by Danz!
2012-05-17 11:43:30
When purchased:
Feb 14, 2012
Item:Pretty in Pink Bracelet
Customer service:Wonderful
Product review: Lovely as ever.
2012-02-27 11:54:34
When purchased:
Jan 23, 2012
Item:Tree of Life
Customer service:
Product review: Wonderful bracelet - I love the colors in this one and the little charm is adorable. I can't say enough good things about purchasing from this WAHM, she is fabulous and delivers awesome jewelry!
2012-01-29 07:20:54
When purchased:
Jan 14, 2012
Item:Tree of Life in the Forest Necklace
Customer service:Danielle is always a pleasure to buy from. :)
Product review: This necklace is beautiful and well made. I look forward to wearing it lots. :)
2012-01-29 07:19:04
When purchased:
Mar 2, 2009
Item:Cool Waters Anklet
Customer service:Great
Product review: Beautiful little anklet!
2011-12-07 11:20:16
When purchased:
Jan 16, 2010
Item:Crisp and Cool Necklace with FREE Matching Earrings
Customer service:Great.
There is a reason why I'm a repeat customer. :)
Product review: Beautiful light weight piece.
2011-11-13 11:17:07
When purchased:
Mar 30, 2011
Item:Buy this to Leave Feedback for Trades
Customer service:Awesome! Communication was constant. Shipping was quick and Danz is a very lovely lady to work with! I gave her a fague idea of what I wanted and then told her to surprise me. The result was a stunning amythest necklace.
Product review: My necklace is goregous! It has the perfect mix of shapes of amythest. You can tell that each stone was thoughtfully placed in its order. Beautiful work as always Danz!
2011-03-31 02:54:02
When purchased:
Aug 7, 2010
Item:Custom Order Slots
Customer service:wonderful. Got a custom shawl pin. She responded to emails very quickly.
Product review: Pin is exactly what I wanted. It will be beautiful on my shawl for my wedding. Thank you so very much.
2010-08-14 08:39:37
When purchased:
Aug 4, 2010
Item:Bright and Bold *Necklace*
Free matching earrings
Customer service:Danz is always wonderful to work with. Accomodating, friendly, helpful!!
Product review: This set was a gift and the recipient assures me they are much loved! <3 Thank you for creating beautiful jewelry! I'll be back!
2010-08-09 10:30:13
When purchased:
Jul 27, 2010
Item:Blue Sky Summer
Customer service:Great communication, shipped promptly.
Product review: Gorgeous piece, nicely made, top quality!
2010-08-03 11:42:37
When purchased:
Aug 1, 2010
Item:Buy this to Leave Feedback for Trades
Customer service:Amazing! Always a pleasure to work with Danz.
Product review: I gave her a few ideas and she knocked it out of the park. The necklace is perfect! It is a gift, but I would keep it in a heartbeat. Quality and beauty combined. Will b/s/t ANYTIME!
2010-08-03 10:53:22
When purchased:
Jul 27, 2010
Item:Peace of Mind
Customer service:wonderful
Product review: gorgeous earrings. always the best jewerly every time!
2010-07-31 12:45:37
When purchased:
Mar 5, 2010
Item:Peace of Mind
Customer service:fabulous, beyond wonderful
Product review: These are great earrings, I love them. The only thing I should have done is ask about little backings for them, because they slip out of my ears, but I havent lost one yet!
2010-04-23 06:13:48
When purchased:
Mar 17, 2010
Item:Strawberry Summer
*Shawl Pin*
Customer service:Fast Shipping
Product review: Great pin!
2010-04-09 12:13:11
When purchased:
Mar 29, 2010
Item:I Love to Knit
*Stitch Markers*
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Love these stitch markers! They are so cute!
2010-04-03 08:43:33
When purchased:
Sep 14, 2009
Item:Spark of Interest 2 in 1 Necklace
Customer service:Fantasitc, as always
Product review: Love, love, love this necklace! Gorgeous!
2010-03-23 09:47:21
When purchased:
Aug 31, 2009
Item:Jungle Fever *Bracelet*
Customer service:Fabulous, as always
Product review: Bought as a gift for a friend - she loved it. thanks Danz!
2010-03-23 09:46:52
When purchased:
Feb 27, 2010
Item:Willow Bough *Necklace*
Free matching earrings
Customer service:Super Fast Shipping and prompt emails back.
Product review: Beautiful set! Well made and so stunning. Colors are perfect.
2010-03-22 01:26:40
When purchased:
Mar 13, 2010
Item:Peace of Mind
Customer service:Another great transaction with this seller! Shipped quickly, great communication and nice packaging too.
Product review: The bracelet is well made and great looking, very happy with my purchase.
2010-03-19 09:43:06
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