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When purchased:
Jun 22, 2012
Item:Rainbow Heart Garland
2012-07-17 05:09:42
When purchased:
Apr 16, 2012
Item:Pink Camping Mama Elephant
Customer service:excellent!
Product review: absolutely love our mama ellie! she is very well made and sooo cute! thank you so much!
2012-04-23 02:43:14
When purchased:
Mar 13, 2012
Item:Baxter Bunny
Customer service:
Product review: adorable bunny, second one i have purchased. perfect stitching, not a flaw anywhere, and oh so cute!
2012-04-10 04:54:09
When purchased:
Feb 22, 2012
Item:Fishy Mama Elephant
Customer service:Seamless transaction. Love the "personal touch" packaging.
Product review: Very well made! Cute fabric ... perfect for the FOOB/FIB collector ;)
Thank you, Jody!
2012-02-24 01:25:35
When purchased:
Dec 14, 2011
Item:Blue Trees Mini Elephant *Stocking Stuffer*
Customer service:Great
Product review: Very cute
2012-01-18 10:48:55
When purchased:
Dec 2, 2011
Item:Weiner Dog Mini Elephant * Stocking Stuffer*
Customer service:Excellent communication, readily combined shipping!
Product review: Loved the little elephant. I bought it for my sister-in-law, but I didn't wrap it up right away because I enjoyed holding it and looking at it. So adorable :-) Nice, tight seams, well-stuffed, just adorable and nicely made. Thanks Jody!
2012-01-06 01:14:47
When purchased:
Dec 2, 2011
Item:Reindeer Poop Stocking Stuffer
Customer service:Excellent! Great communication, combined shipping no problem.
Product review: This poop is the POOP! Everyone got a kick out of it at Christmas, which was exactly what I was hoping would happen. It is stitched into a neat little swirl and seems very durable. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a funny stocking stuffer.
2012-01-06 01:12:38
When purchased:
May 28, 2011
Item:Cupcake Celebration Mama Elephant
Customer service:Outstanding!
Product review: SOOOOO cute! And BIG! I was amazed and very happy how large the stuffed elephant is! Excellent quality as well! This was a gift for my niece for her birthday and she absolutely adores it. Began hugging it and would not let go...ended up sleeping with it <3
2011-06-04 11:56:11
When purchased:
Apr 17, 2011
Item:Green Easter Basket Set
Customer service:
Product review: beautiful well crafted stuff! she has supplied our Easter baskets with such great stuff 2 years in a row now!
2011-04-27 08:40:38
When purchased:
Apr 25, 2011
Item:Cupcake Spring Skirt Set
Customer service:WOW...I got it in the mail two days later. She shipped the item out hours after I ordered it.
Product review: Her work is impeccable. I've purchased other clothing from WAHM's but WOW..her workmanship is very professional. I will definately buy from her again. IN fact...i'm stalking her shop. My daughter LOVED the skirt set.
2011-04-27 07:55:05
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2011
Customer service:Looking forward to doing more business with this seller. Top-Notch in all aspects.
Product review: The bunnies are absolutely made with love and care. Perfect in every way!
2011-04-19 07:47:16
When purchased:
Apr 13, 2011
Item:Pastel Carrots For Easter Bunny
Customer service:AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!
Product review: SUPER CUTE & SOFT!
2011-04-17 01:11:06
When purchased:
Mar 21, 2011
Item:Bright Pink booties
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: These are beautiful and perfect for Easter. One of my favorite things for my new born. Thank you!
2011-03-30 10:41:14
When purchased:
Nov 23, 2010
Customer service:Great customer service (a little thank you :o) note) and FAST SHIPPING!
Product review: A beautiful doll and very creative dress!! My little one will love it and carry it around forever! Thank you!
2010-11-29 05:58:16
When purchased:
Nov 19, 2010
Item:*24 hr ffs Doughnut drawing*
Customer service:Awesome customer service and fab mama!
Product review: Love the donuts, they are so cute and I want to eat them.
2010-11-22 02:46:19
When purchased:
Sep 28, 2010
Item:Farmers Market Set
Customer service:Very easy to work with!
Product review: Love this set, my kids are going to love opening this on Christmas morning!
2010-11-09 05:45:33
When purchased:
Aug 12, 2010
Item:carnival bloom elephant
Customer service:Excellent. We conversed several times to make sure we were on the same page as this was a custom request. Jody always kept me up to date on the progress.
Product review: The elephant is adorable. She is my new pin cushion and works wonderfully in my sewing room.
2010-11-07 10:13:38
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:Mama Elephant * One day HC$ Special!*
Customer service:Wonderful! Quick shipping.
Product review: So cute! Bigger than I imagined and just adorable. Thank you!!!
2010-09-24 06:10:36
When purchased:
Sep 17, 2010
Item:Pumpkin * ffs drawing*
Customer service:Fast shipping, item was just as described.
Product review: I received a very sweet little pumpkin that is now sitting on my dining table. It was generously offered free for shipping, and I'm excited to have it! Thank you :)
2010-09-20 06:22:44
When purchased:
Aug 10, 2010
Item:fishy elephant
Customer service:Wonderful! I had great communication with the seller and she shipped so fast for a custom! Will be buying again thats for sure : )
Product review: Super cute adorable elephant for my lil newborn boy. Thinkin I need some for my toddlers : )
2010-08-16 05:27:33
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