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Apr 29, 2013
Item:Handspun Superwash BFL "Tequila Sunrise" 2-ply Yarn *holiday sale*
Customer service:Good communication. Fast shipping. Beautiful yarn. Thanks!
Product review: Bought as a gift for someone else.
2013-05-04 09:50:55
When purchased:
Jan 23, 2013
Item:YYMN or custom spot for January/February
Customer service:Amazing customer service and response time to emails :)
Product review: Gorgeous knitting!
2013-04-17 10:02:21
When purchased:
Sep 23, 2012
Item:Small "Hang Ten" Eviepants Shorties *last chance auction!*
Customer service:gorgeous shorties, fast shipping
Product review: Amazing quality! The cutest shorties!
2012-10-16 09:29:06
When purchased:
May 14, 2012
Item:Toddler "Mario" Tweedle Pants Shorties
Customer service:Great
Product review: Great
2012-05-18 10:45:05
When purchased:
Jun 4, 2011
Item:Twisty Trousers Soaker Seller's Version
Customer service:
Product review: LOVE the pattern!
2011-11-25 08:09:02
When purchased:
Jul 19, 2011
Item:Marr Haven Twisty Trousers
Customer service:Lynne is awesome to work with!
Product review: Absolutely gorgeous! The knitting is flawless as per normal :-(
2011-08-29 03:03:08
When purchased:
Jul 10, 2011
Item:Robots Collaboration with Sweetie Bird Fashions
Customer service:shipped quickly
Product review: super cute, worth the splurge, fits perfect and well made
2011-07-17 05:45:17
When purchased:
Jun 24, 2011
Item:Twisty Trousers Soaker Seller's Version
Customer service:perfect, emailed fast! Very accomodating!
Product review: As always, a flawless pattern!
2011-07-12 03:19:14
When purchased:
Mar 16, 2011
Item:YYMN or Custom Spot for May
Customer service:Great cs, as always!
Product review: Beautiful custom longies!
2011-06-29 11:00:16
When purchased:
May 12, 2011
Item:Handspun Newborn Set
Customer service:Great customer service. Delayed shipping but with great communication and expedited shipping.
Product review: Product looks amazing. Well crafted and super adorable. I can't wait to try it on my baby - expected in a couple of months!
2011-06-06 06:48:50
When purchased:
Feb 10, 2011
Item:MYMN with Julibeans "Quirk" on BBR
Customer service:Perfection. Communication was impeccable, turn-around time was even faster than expected.
Product review: Gorgeous. So excited for the weather to get warmer so my little one can wear these regularly.
2011-03-09 12:16:15
When purchased:
Feb 26, 2011
Item:Meadow Lily Pattern--Seller's Version
Customer service:Wonderful, super fast service/email/download of pattern. Great customer service via email and answers questions fast and efficiently!
Product review: AWESOME pattern- highly recommended!!!!!!!
2011-03-03 08:13:30
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2010
Item:"In H'Ewe Chocolate" Large Braided Britches 48-hour auction!
Customer service:Lynne went above and beyond the usual great customer service
Product review: These longies are very well knit and beautiful. Thank you
2011-01-17 02:41:07
When purchased:
Sep 13, 2010
Item:12M Fairies and Strawberries set
Customer service:Very responsive.
Product review: Lovely set!!
2010-09-27 02:21:53
When purchased:
Jun 30, 2010
Item:YYMN or Custom Spot for July
Customer service:Excellent customer service. Very easy to work with
Product review: Beautiful work. Custom longies turned out perfect.
2010-07-28 12:18:06
When purchased:
May 15, 2010
Item:48-hour auction!! MM Renaissance 6M Peasant blouse/bloomers set
Customer service:Prompt shipping and well packaged.
Product review: Lovely set. Colors are even more vibrant in person and the knitting is wonderful. Thank you!
2010-05-26 08:46:02
When purchased:
Apr 10, 2010
Item:YYMN (Your Yarn, My Needles) Auction
Customer service:Awesome customer service! Friendly, knowledgeble, and prompt communications. Turn around time was right on.
Product review: Gorgeous gorgeous cables. The look absolutely fabulous and the needlework is some of the best I've seen. Thank you for sharing your talents, Lynne. Thank you!
2010-05-17 11:08:48
When purchased:
Feb 12, 2010
Item:Semi-custom Order for Selah French Moon on Honey Bulky
Customer service:Great communication and updates. Quick knitting and shipping time. Helpful suggestions while deciding on specifics of item.
Product review: Gorgeous MYMN shorties. Very well knit with beautiful yarn, measurements exactly right.
2010-03-05 03:46:50
When purchased:
Jan 14, 2010
Item:February YYMN (Your Yarn, My Needles) Spot
Customer service:This mama is awesome to work with. Extremely helpful. Answered all questions and concerns promptly. Just an overall fabulous experience!!
Product review: I ordered Twisty Trousers and WOW!!! They are ADORABLE!!! I hope to work with this mama again soon because her work is awesome!
2010-02-17 02:57:09
When purchased:
Dec 6, 2009
Item:Twisty Trousers Knitting Pattern
Customer service:Answered all my questions quickly- great mama to work with!
Product review: Wonderful, detailed pattern! I sailed through my first cables and had no trouble reading this pattern- thanks Lynne ;)
2010-02-10 11:18:41
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