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May 28, 2010
Item:Yellow and Hot pink 55x108" canopy
Customer service:Great, quick ship!
Product review: Love the canopy, it is going to see a lot of outside play this summer as a makeshift tent or cover (or cape, or gown...).
2010-06-12 11:53:09
When purchased:
May 28, 2010
Item:Lemon lime hand dyed short sleeve shirt 24 months
Customer service:fast shipping, packaged well
Product review: I love the shirt!
2010-06-10 03:31:52
When purchased:
Feb 27, 2010
Item:Shiny on Licorice Twist- 8 oz
Customer service:Speedy shipping and excellent communication!
Product review: Yarn is exactly as pictured and definitely beautiful!

Thank you for a wonderful experience!
2010-04-30 02:59:20
When purchased:
Apr 15, 2010
Item:Glass Onion on Licorice Twist merino
Customer service:Great! Super FAST shipping!
Product review: Beautiful! Love the colors.. thanks so much!
2010-04-26 10:02:04
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2010
Item:Soft Violets 2T sundress *second* *REDUCED*
Customer service:A+
Product review: Beautiful dress, thank you!
2010-04-22 09:29:58
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2010
Item:Yellow Submarine on Cabaret Sock 100g *REDUCED*
Customer service:Received yarn within a week and there was even a weekend in there.
Product review: The yarn was perfect and the colorway beautiful
2010-04-21 09:04:06
When purchased:
Apr 7, 2010
Item:Fire on Licorice Twist merino
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Beautiful wool!!!
2010-04-19 09:39:07
When purchased:
Mar 28, 2010
Item:Ladies size M hand dyed shirt FFS
Customer service:Fast shipping. Thank you!
Product review: Beautiful colors. Great dyed tee.
2010-04-05 10:44:03
When purchased:
Feb 17, 2010
Item:Yellow Submarine on Cabaret Sock 100g
Customer service:Positive!
Product review: Beautiful wool! Thank you!
2010-02-26 03:45:56
When purchased:
Dec 1, 2009
Item:Crimson and Clover- Cabaret sock yarn 200g
Customer service:Good service - I asked to split a yarn listing as there were 2 colors available and I only needed one. Aimee was great about splitting it and also shipped to a knitter for me.
Product review: The yarn is nice shades of red, and was turned into some great socks.
2009-12-22 06:19:54
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2009
Item:Sunflower 18-24m l/s- Alfabette Zoope
Customer service:great
Product review: beautiful shirt, beautiful colors.....very nice work
2009-12-11 11:12:42
When purchased:
Oct 24, 2009
Item:Feedback for custom orders
Customer service:I needed a skein of yarn that was rainbow-ish for a pair of longies I was going to knit for my newest addition! I emailed Aimee to see if she had anything in stock that wasn't listed on HC and she had a skein of Sgt Pepper's on BFL! Total SCORE!!!! I paid her immediately and the yarn was shipped quickly.
Product review: I love love this this yarn base and color way. The longies came out AWESOME! I had absolutely no pooling in them at all!
2009-10-24 10:45:29
When purchased:
Sep 12, 2009
Item:Feedback for custom orders
Customer service:AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!

I bought a Maui Wowie Goodmama diaper and wanted a color way dyed to match the diaper. I emailed Aimee and asked for something to match my diaper. The color way she made for us is SOOO perfect and gorgeous that I also ordered a skein of it to knit socks with!

The yarn, trim, and sock yarn were shipped quickly.
Product review: I love the yarn and color way. I've used BFL from other vendors before and was not thrilled with it. I decided to try BFL from Aimee and really glad I did. The BFL is sooo incredibly soft and squishy. I only order BFL from Aimee now!

Totally recommend this yarn base and color way to others!
2009-10-24 10:18:42
When purchased:
Mar 3, 2009
Item:"California Roll" on BFL Ultra sock yarn 4oz
Customer service:FABULOUS!!!! Every time I have a question Aimee is prompt with answers, pictures, and advice!
Product review: I love this yarn. I can't say enough good things about it. The only reason I haven't knit up the yarn yet is I need the PERFECT pattern to display how awesome the yarn is, and I haven't found that pattern yet!
2009-09-12 03:41:37
Negative comment
When purchased:
Apr 28, 2009
Item:Custom yarn spot- up to 10 oz
Customer service:Terrible. The communication was painful and it took 24 hours and sometimes more to answer simple questions. Apologized on a number of occasions (although she was always polite) about it being due to family issues. I offered her an amicable parting of the ways at one point, which she declined because she felt she was up to the task. The communication breakdown became so bad that I started dreading the process and I just wanted to run away. She wouldnt directly answer my last question to her, which was "how long until I get the yarn?" She has a roundabout way of answering questions (or ignoring them altogether) without actually answering. In the end, I felt that actually letting her know I was going elsewhere was more than she deserved although I did in fact tell her. She got back to me pretty quickly at that point! And in the end, although she had apologized to me many times and took a very long time every time she responded to me, she blamed me for the failure. Easy to do since she ended up with $10 and I ended up frustrated. She informed me that I expected too much from a wahm, that wahms cannot return emails quickly(or something to that effect). That's not been my experience, all of the other wahms I have dealt with have been prompt, direct and professional. I think Aimee bit off more than she could chew and made off with my money in the process. I decided not to be hasty and take my time leaving feedback, lest I see things in a different light. The light is that although she may be a good fiber artist, her customer service is terrible and cost me time and money, things that are at a premium for me lately. Dont do custom work if you cant handle it!
Product review: No product to review, although Aimee still has my deposit. Due to this fact, in my view she has no sense of integrity and deserves this frank feedback.
2009-06-25 04:43:50
When purchased:
Mar 31, 2009
Item:Golden Yellows upcycled pillowcase FFS lottery
Customer service:Fast secure shipment.
Product review: Not cotton as described. We won't be able to use it, but I will pass it on to someone who can. Thanks for offering this lottery.
2009-05-07 02:43:46
When purchased:
May 1, 2009
Item:Sgt. Pepper - BFL aran 4 oz
Customer service:Super fast shipping - less than 24 hours for sure
Product review: TO DIE FOR - I can not believe I scored this amazing yarn. If it is even possible it looks better in person then in photos.
2009-05-06 09:39:35
When purchased:
Mar 27, 2009
Item:Soft Violets 4T skort
Customer service:Excellent, no problems.
Product review: The skirt is adorable and the dyeing is amazing... it has so much "texture" and character and my daughter loves the colors and looks really cute in it too.
2009-04-21 02:17:28
When purchased:
Mar 22, 2009
Item:Violet and blue girls 4/5 skirt *100% HC $ Auction
Customer service:Very friendly and shipped fast.
Product review: I can't believe I got this for HC$! This is the most gorgeous dyed skirt I've ever seen! Thanks for such an awesome deal!
2009-04-18 09:13:20
When purchased:
Mar 20, 2009
Item:"Peeps" 4 oz aran BFL
Customer service:very cool momma, fast shipper, quick answers to questions
Product review: awesome colorway! even better in person. cant wait to crochet this up!
2009-03-28 12:05:11
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