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Jun 24, 2008
Item:Small Pink Camo Fred Soaker (second)
Customer service:Lightning fast shipping as always! Great CS!
Product review: This soaker is so cute. And a "second"? I just don't see's beautiful! It fits her beautifully. Girly monster camo....we just couldn't resist! We'll be back for more monster fluff!
2008-07-04 12:29:21
When purchased:
Jun 17, 2008
Item:*SALE* Large Pink Camo Edie Set
Customer service:Fast shipping! Great CS!
Product review: I love this set! When I saw it go on sale, I couldn't resist...even though it's too big for my dd. We've put it away for later. Daddy is Army, so we had to have it for Daddy's girl! Love it!
2008-07-04 12:27:52
When purchased:
Jun 24, 2008
Item:*CLEARANCE* Pink Poodle skirties (second)
Customer service:Excellent! Item arrived quickly, and being overseas that's saying something!!
Product review: The skirty is absolutely beautiful! Excellent embroidery. I can't even see why it's a second.
2008-07-02 10:10:54
When purchased:
Jun 24, 2008
Item:Medium Pink Edie Soaker
Customer service:Received promptly as promised. Thanks!
Product review: I LOVEE THESE SOAKERS! They held up great through the night!!! No dampness or leaking and my DD is a HEAVY wetter! Thanks!
2008-06-30 02:36:49
When purchased:
Jun 24, 2008
Item:Small All-American Edie Soaker
Customer service:Quick shipping
Product review: I love this soaker. Very well made. I can't wait for my little one to wear it.
2008-06-30 11:52:44
When purchased:
Jun 24, 2008
Item:*CLEARANCE* Large Pink Butterfly
Customer service:
Product review: Adorable soaker, I love it!
2008-06-26 10:00:19
When purchased:
Jun 20, 2008
Item:*SALE* Large Orange Archie Shorties
Customer service:Fast shipping - ordered late Friday and had it Monday!
Product review: Unfortunately having never used fleece I didn't realize just how little stretch it had. I can squeeze my son into this Large but there doesn't seem to be room for the diaper. If he were PLed this would probably be a better fit. His measurements are 20 rise, 23 hip in a daytime cloth dipe, 12 1/2 inch thigh and the large barely stretches to go around his hips very tightly, but in doing so the rise becomes to short and the thighs are extremely tight and he can't really bend his legs. They are super cute and the embroidery is great. So I may try to stretch them if possible, and if not see if a friend wants them or perhaps resell them since there are no returns accepted.
2008-06-23 11:48:42
When purchased:
Jun 7, 2008
Item:Large Sea Turtle Set
Customer service:Good
Product review: I haven't tried this on my ds yet, but it is so adorable, and the fleece is so soft. The stitching is excellent. Very well made. Thanks!
2008-06-23 01:22:32
When purchased:
May 23, 2008
Item:Custom Monster Fluff Slot
Customer service:Excellent communication with Amber. She was very helpful when it came to choosing the sizing for the newborn soaker and the toddler t-shirt. She went out of her way to order in another size shirt in the colour we wanted. Kept us informed every step of the way.
Product review: Excellent craftsmanship and embroidery. The items fit to a tee and the colour choices for the embroidery are very complimentary to the fleece colours we chose. I couldn't be happier. Will definitely buy from Monster Fluff again!
2008-06-17 08:09:40
When purchased:
Jun 6, 2008
Item:Small Pink Edie
Customer service:Fast shipping. Thank you!
Product review: Even cuter in person! Can't wait to show it off. Very well made. Soft and lightweight. Will buy more.
2008-06-11 03:48:03
When purchased:
May 29, 2008
Item:Medium Brown Edie Set
Customer service:I just love this set! I may need to buy the next size up before too long. Thanks again.
Product review: Very high quality fleece soaker and t-shirt. Well made and cute design.
2008-06-03 10:43:25
When purchased:
May 30, 2008
Item:Medium Pink Shorties
Customer service:Fast shipping, great communication. Perfect
Product review: Item fits great. Well made. Very cute.
2008-06-02 01:15:01
When purchased:
May 23, 2008
Item:Large Strawberry Soaker
Customer service:One of the best sellers on HC. Answered all emails super fast. Very nice and friendly!
Product review: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The pictures do not do these items justice. To see them in person is soooo much better!
2008-05-31 01:33:15
When purchased:
May 23, 2008
Item:Medium Yummy Plum Soaker
Customer service:very quick shipment!
Product review: great quality and so cute!
2008-05-31 11:23:13
When purchased:
May 23, 2008
Item:Small Beetle Bug Shorties
Customer service:very fast shipping
Product review: super cute shorts- love them!
2008-05-30 03:37:34
When purchased:
May 23, 2008
Item:Medium "Feelin' Froggy" Shorties
Customer service:Awesome! Super sweet mama, and FAST shipping!
Product review: This is my third item from her, and I love it. Great quality and workmanship.
2008-05-27 09:37:48
When purchased:
May 2, 2008
Item:Monster Fluff Tote**PRICE REDUCTION!**
Customer service:Great customer service.
Product review: The embroider is very well done! Love the bag
2008-05-21 06:01:07
When purchased:
May 16, 2008
Item:Small Camo Ollie Set
Customer service:Excellent customer service. Very fast shipping!!
Product review: Gorgeous embroidery, well made soaker. Super cute set. I absolutely love this!
2008-05-20 01:55:12
When purchased:
May 10, 2008
Item:Medium Green Ralph Soaker
Customer service:answered all my size questions with quick emails- fast shipping
Product review: super super cute soaker and a perfect fit!
2008-05-15 11:26:45
When purchased:
May 3, 2008
Item:Large Blue Archie
Customer service:Wonderful. Very quick shipping!
Product review: So cute! I love this cover! Very well made.
2008-05-07 10:27:08
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