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May 18, 2009
Item:Custom for Nichol
Customer service:Amber is awesome to work with and kept me up to date on where my custom order was.
Product review: Excellent craftsmanship
2009-05-21 02:22:07
When purchased:
May 6, 2009
Item:Custom for Martine
Customer service:Great communication!
Product review: Fantastic soaker, very well made :-)
2009-05-19 04:06:09
When purchased:
Feb 4, 2009
Item:Pinky Giraffe Monster Fluffie
Customer service:
Product review: adorable blanket!!!
2009-05-13 04:11:00
When purchased:
Apr 22, 2009
Item:Medium Horsin' around Fleece Soaker
Customer service:Great communication! Fast shipping.
Product review: Great product!
2009-05-06 07:19:30
When purchased:
Apr 24, 2009
Item:Small Blue Kokopelli Set *Spring Set Special*
Customer service:
Product review:
2009-05-06 10:56:49
When purchased:
Mar 29, 2009
Item:Large Jungle Giraffe Set *Spring Set Special*
Customer service:
Product review: This soaker and shirt set look soOOO cute on my DD !! What a super deal !! :D

Thanks again! xx
2009-04-27 09:03:22
When purchased:
Apr 21, 2009
Item:Custom for Annie
Customer service:Awesome customer service! Quick answer, Fast shipping and easy communication!!
Product review: The best soaker that I tried of all my life!!
I recommanded all the way!

Thank you much Amber!! xx
2009-04-27 08:58:10
When purchased:
Mar 11, 2009
Item:Medium Soda Pop Shop Set
Customer service:Fast shipping, wonderful shop!
Product review: Awesome set, it's one of our favorites and getting lots of love!
2009-04-25 01:48:37
When purchased:
Apr 11, 2009
Item:Small Little Lion Set * Spring Set Sale Second*
Customer service:There was no communication for this transaction since it was not necessary. Fast shipping to Canada though and appreciate the free shipping to Canadian mamas.
Product review: Cute set and love the embroidery! Very well made and fits my son perfectly!
2009-04-24 02:48:12
When purchased:
Mar 24, 2009
Item:Custom For Caroline
Product review: The set is SO adorable, my DD looks great in it. Incredible quality and works like a charm!
Thanks again!
2009-04-20 11:03:14
When purchased:
Apr 3, 2009
Item:Large Monster Truckin' Fleece Soaker
Customer service:great
Product review: beautiful cover thanks so much
2009-04-09 05:28:19
When purchased:
Apr 6, 2009
Item:Custom for Gail
Customer service:EXCELLENT fast shipping and quick responses!
Product review: Love my tee shirt! It is going to look great with the mf shorties I already have!
2009-04-09 12:47:32
When purchased:
Apr 3, 2009
Item:Small Lime Flutterbug Fleece Soaker
Customer service:Another perfect purchase! Super fast shipping! Cant wait to buy more :)
Product review:
2009-04-07 09:26:00
When purchased:
Mar 31, 2009
Item:Medium Strawberry Shortcake Set
Customer service:Super fast shipping!
Product review: Absolutely adorable set!!!
2009-04-04 11:22:59
When purchased:
Mar 31, 2009
Item:Large VW Van Soaker Set
Customer service:SUPER FAST SHIPPING!! Packaged so nicely with a beautiful satin ribbon!
Product review: Great work! Fits great, and looks cute!! Thanks!
2009-04-03 08:20:49
When purchased:
Mar 25, 2009
Item:Custom Ralph Fluffie for Autumn
Customer service:Monster Fluff studio has some of the most wonderful and patient people taking care of you. Friendly and caring who could ask fr better service.
Product review: I absolutely am in love with the fluffie I received from Monster Fluff studio, unique and darling, it's something I will be passing down to any other children I have and then grandchildren hopefully. Monster Fluff stands out above the rest with their unique and quality designs and great prices.
2009-04-02 12:24:55
When purchased:
Mar 20, 2009
Item:Army Archie Longies *SALE*
Customer service:Great
Product review: Well made, and cute.
2009-03-31 11:47:43
When purchased:
Mar 20, 2009
Item:X-Small Fuschia Flutterbug Fleece Soaker
Customer service:
Product review: So cute, fast shipping, thanks!
2009-03-30 08:51:29
When purchased:
Mar 27, 2009
Item:Medium Jimmy Giraffe Set *Second*
Customer service:Quick shipment!
Product review: Beautiful work!
2009-03-30 04:40:27
When purchased:
Mar 12, 2009
Item:Medium Crazy Flora Fleece Soaker
Customer service:
Product review: I love the cute print and my daughter seems really comfortable in her soaker. Thanks!
2009-03-30 09:24:30
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