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Sep 15, 2014
Item:**Custom Slot**
Diaper Made to Order
Customer service:Meaghan of PNP is certainly the nicest WAHM to deal with when it comes to providing quality hybrid fitteds and customizing diapers. She delivers greater than my expectations. :)
Product review: PNP fitteds are aaahhhh-mazing. It may even be an understatement. Fit is very trim and absorbency is very good. Workmanship is fantastic and quality soakers are used to ensure a great cloth diapering experience. i'm truly enjoying it, hence, I keep on buying more (though due to the demand, these diapers are hard to score!).
2014-10-08 10:51:29
When purchased:
Jul 22, 2014
Item: Emo Rainbow Perfection KNIT
New Trim Fit
Customer service:Awesome service and fast shipping
Product review: Diapers are great! Quality and materials cannot be beat! Love these
2014-10-08 10:41:07
When purchased:
Jun 17, 2014
Item:Newborn Sherpa Fitted
NB Economy Sherpa Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Great service, super fast shipping, friendly, quick communication.
Product review: Will review the product after my newborn arrives and we have a chance to try it! Item's arrived cute, small, and adorable. Can't wait!
2014-08-25 03:32:50
When purchased:
Jul 15, 2014
Item:**Custom Slot**
One Size Fitteds Made to Order
Customer service:Great
Product review: It's wonderful I love it!
2014-08-20 07:38:29
When purchased:
Jul 2, 2014
Item:Snappi Diaper Closures (single pack) - random colors
Customer service:Incredibly fast shipping!
Product review: Awesome, thanks!
2014-07-06 12:28:00
When purchased:
May 23, 2014
Item:Tardis Demask
~Trim Fit ~ One Size Fitted Diaper
Windpro Hybrid
Customer service:Best ever
Product review: Luv my Dr. who
2014-07-01 08:20:50
When purchased:
Jul 1, 2014
Item:Extra Soakers
Snap In Snake Soakers for
One Size Diapers
Customer service:Excellent wonderful couldn't ask for better
Product review: What can I say we ordered more
2014-07-01 08:20:08
When purchased:
Apr 15, 2014
Item:Snappi Diaper Closures (single pack) - random colors
Customer service:Great!!shipped fast.
Product review: As expected.
2014-06-26 01:14:12
When purchased:
May 5, 2014
Item:Primary Verigated on Natural
NB Economy Sherpa Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Excellent.
Product review: I love these diapers! I really cannot say enough good things about them--I wish my entire newborn stash was made up of these sherpa diapers. So soft and fit so well.
2014-06-14 03:33:41
When purchased:
Jan 21, 2014
Item:FFS Free For Shipping
One Size AI2
Waterproof Cloth Diaper
Customer service:
Product review: I love it! Super cute and very well made!
2014-05-26 09:56:00
When purchased:
Jan 20, 2014
Item:Marvel w/*SNAPS*
~Trim Fit ~ One Size Fitted Diaper
Bamboo Fleece/Cotton Vel
Customer service:
Product review: Trim fit diaper is super small, and the stitching isn't that great, it turned on the first wash. Cute diaper, but I wouldn't order again.
2014-05-21 09:07:09
When purchased:
Apr 9, 2014
Item:Custom for Amanda
NB Bamboo/OBV fitteds + snaps
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: I haven't got to use these diapers yet, as my baby isn't due, yet. But, these are quality diapers and I can tell that they will work(and look) great!
2014-05-01 12:44:44
When purchased:
Feb 16, 2014
Item:Hoot Plaid
Economy Flannel Wipes
3 pack
Customer service:Awesome! This seller applied a coupon that I did not even know existed and refunded me the price of the coupon! That is customer service and integrity! I'm going to buy as many of her wipes as possible and bless other people with them, too!
Product review: These are, by far, my favorite wipes! The flannel is very good quality. The size is perfect. The craftsmanship is outstanding. The serging is straight and tight. I will be a repeat buyer!
2014-04-05 11:15:08
When purchased:
Mar 24, 2014
Item:3 Pack Perfect Boosters
Sherpa, Bamboo, Org. Cotton & Hemp
Customer service:Loved the card and the product presentation. And the lollipop? Genius. My toddler was so excited for that sucker (haha) that he sat on the potty for 30 minutes earning it. Thanks!
Product review: Lovely, soft, perfectly sized. Can't wait to use them in my small and newborn diapers next month.
2014-03-31 05:59:16
When purchased:
Mar 1, 2014
Item: Owls on Apple Green
One Size PUL Diaper Cover
Customer service:Quick, efficient and friendly
Product review: Absolutely LOVE my purchases! Gorgeous, soft fabrics and excellent quality.
2014-03-19 11:12:23
When purchased:
Feb 25, 2014
Item:Dog Days of Summer
~Trim Fit ~ One Size Fitted Diaper
Bamboo/Cotton Poly Velour
Customer service:Fantastic customer service. Prompt replies during stocking. Lovely to deal with
Product review: great trim fit
Adorable fun prints
2014-03-17 10:42:44
When purchased:
Mar 7, 2014
Item:Add Snaps to a One Size Fitted
Customer service:Fast reply to emails.
Product review: Good quality products
2014-03-13 10:03:47
When purchased:
Mar 2, 2014
Item:Gumdrop Hearts
~Trim Fit ~ One Size Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Great communication and quick reply to emails.
Product review: Good quality product.
2014-03-13 10:01:35
When purchased:
Feb 26, 2014
Item:**clearance**Bubble Gum Pink
NB Economy Sherpa Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Wonderful customer service.
Product review: These diapers are gorgeous. I was very impressed when I saw them. The insides of the diaper and inserts are so soft. I can't review on performance as I won't be using them for another few months. :)
2014-03-05 04:10:42
When purchased:
Feb 25, 2014
Item:Heart n Stars + Snaps
~Trim Fit ~ One Size Fitted Diaper
Cotton Sherpa
Customer service:very accomodating, nice transactions
Product review: Love how squishy they are. I cannot tell how much they hold as of writing because this cutie is on the way to the Philippines
2014-03-02 03:03:48
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