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Mar 31, 2008
Item:A Day of Diapers ~ AI0s or AI2s ~ S, M, L or XL
Customer service:Awesome customer service. Meghan is very helpful with selecting the right diaper.
Product review: The diapers are a great fit for my baby. They wash really nice too.
2008-05-21 09:04:32
When purchased:
Apr 18, 2008
Item:~Spring Fling~ Lottery ~Abstract Floral Medium AIO
Customer service:Very fast shipping and excellent communication.
Product review: This has become one of my favorite night time diapers. The snaps on it were a little confusing though.
2008-05-18 09:49:56
When purchased:
May 10, 2008
Item:AI2 Dipes - NEW FABRICS!
Customer service:Absolutely SUPER!! Quick to respond and quick shipping. It was like communicating with someone I've known for a long time.
Product review: These diapers were above and beyond what I had thought they would be. The quality is superb and the performance is beyond excellent! I'm so happy with these, I'd recommend them to anyone! They are beautiful. Thank you,Meaghan :)
2008-05-16 03:30:39
When purchased:
Apr 15, 2008
Item:Autism Awareness Diaper AIO or AI2
Customer service:fast response to order. great communication!
Product review: love love love love this diaper. this is perfect for my autism support walks. it is so soft and beautiful.
2008-05-06 11:30:45
When purchased:
Apr 18, 2008
Item:~Custom~ Pink Sock Monkey OBV/Hemp AI2 ~Small or Medium~
Customer service:wonderful and friendly
Product review: i love it!! it is just what i have been looking for! well made!
2008-05-06 02:01:35
When purchased:
Apr 25, 2008
Item:~Auction~ Large 12 x 14 Bamboo / OBV tri-fold
Customer service:Very fast shipping!
Product review: I *love* this OBV tri-fold, I actually use it as a prefold lol! So soft and nicely made!
2008-05-01 10:22:58
When purchased:
Apr 18, 2008
Item:~Spring Fling~ Green Bugs Medium AIO / Bib Set
Customer service:was great
Product review: I love the diaper and the bib is great
2008-04-28 11:20:14
When purchased:
Mar 5, 2008
Item:WINGS (Cloth Menstrual Pads)
Customer service:Fantastic! As Always!
Product review:
2008-04-24 04:38:19
When purchased:
Mar 4, 2008
Item:Purchase an Autism Awareness Diaper - Help the KIRTON family OR The Autism Society!!!
Customer service:Great customer service - very fast replies to my e-mails.
Product review: We love the diaper!
2008-03-29 09:44:13
When purchased:
Mar 12, 2008
Item:2 MIL PRINT PUL Outer AIO Diapers
Customer service:great contact, acknowledged reciept of order and let me know the eta.
Product review: I can't wait to be able to use this on the new baby, i think the size range is going to be fabulous. I got a good fit on my DDs baby doll who is about the size of a 3-4 month old AND for fun I tried the same dipe on my 2yo DD who weighs about 26 lbs... it fit her too!
The dipe looks well made and I think I'll be happy with it.
2008-03-28 04:04:33
When purchased:
Feb 7, 2008
Item:GIRL Snuggle flannel Outer Diapers (Cotton, Hemp, or Bamboo)
Customer service:Fantastic! Super fast service from a great Mama!
Product review: I ordered 2 AIO diapers. These are wonderful diapers, these hold a river but are super trim. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
2008-03-05 07:47:39
When purchased:
Feb 6, 2008
Item:Hemp AIO Training Diaper - BOY
Customer service:Meaghan was great to work with. She's very friendly and replies to email quickly.
Product review: I purchased the Hemp AIO Trainer for my 3 yr old son. He is day trained but still needs overnight wetting protection. This trainer is wonderful! It fit him perfectly and contained everything. He is a heavy wetter so I also used her hemp doubler with it.
The diaper is made with high quality materials and well made. My mother who is a sewer was very impressed and surprised when I told her it was handmade. I will definitely be purchasing more.
2008-02-25 01:21:35
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