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Feb 21, 2009
Item:Simply Cotton Fitteds ~ NEW Trim Fit Size 1~ Seconds
Customer service:Great, fast reply, even faster shipping.
Product review: Looking it over I don't see why it's seconds, I absolutely love it. I love flannel inners, and it's so cushy and smushy and soft. I haven't tried it on my son yet, but with him that's often more an issue of his shape than the diaper quality. I do think it'll be great though.
2009-02-26 09:21:33
When purchased:
Feb 21, 2009
Item:Kiss Me! Size 2 Fitted *RELIST*40% off!
Customer service:Wonderful!
Product review: Awesome! My lucky day! This fluff will be outgrown too soon, but it will be a keeper! So sweet and fluffy and soft! Great stuff! Still so happy I got it!
2009-02-26 05:53:59
When purchased:
Feb 20, 2009
Item:Later Gator! ~ Trim Fit Size 1 ~ Hemp AI2
Customer service:Fast Shipping
Product review: Beautiful Diaper!!!
2009-02-26 03:12:15
When purchased:
Feb 15, 2009
Item:Hawaiian Floral ~ Size 2 Fitted *Was $19.99
Customer service:This diaper was bought for a swap. The person we sent it to adores it! It arrived VERY quickly.
Product review: Fantastic diaper! Very well made and absorbant
2009-02-26 08:21:56
When purchased:
Feb 15, 2009
Item:Ella Swirl ~ Fast Dry Regular Flow 9" Hemp Mama Pad
Customer service:Fast shipping.
Product review: I love the design of this pad. Very innovative!!!
2009-02-19 07:33:44
When purchased:
Jan 16, 2009
Item:~Dalmation~ One Size Pocket * 25% off *
Customer service:
Product review: Love these OS pockets!
2009-02-12 07:54:37
When purchased:
Feb 6, 2009
Item:~Clearance~Large Wetbag The Jetsons ~ REDUCED
Customer service:Great communication and really fast shipping!
Product review: This is the nicest wetbag I have ever owned! Very well made and a nice size. Highly recommend this seller's goods!
2009-02-11 12:49:48
When purchased:
Feb 5, 2009
Item:Funky Floral Bamboo ~ Size 2 (17/20 to 30/35 lbs) Fitted *was 22.99
Customer service:Wonderful Mama to work with, would definitely buy from again!
Product review: This is an absolutely beautiful diaper - I can't wait to buy more
2009-02-09 07:49:00
When purchased:
Feb 5, 2009
Item:Just Natural ~Organic Bamboo Overnight Fitted/Woolies Set
Customer service:Fantastic communication
Product review: The diaper is gorgeous as well as the woolies! I love the set!
2009-02-09 07:06:41
When purchased:
Feb 1, 2009
Item:Ella Elephant Organic Bamboo Marble Dyed Fitted ~ Size 2*was $22.99
Customer service:Great! Let me know when it was shipping
Product review: Awesome diaper! Super abosrbent and beautifully made! Thank you!
2009-02-06 07:19:31
When purchased:
Jan 15, 2009
Item:Celestial Dreamer ~ Large Pocket Fitted Trainer
Customer service:Friendly with fast shipping!
Product review: LOVE this trainer. The inserts are SO SOFT.
2009-02-06 11:56:13
When purchased:
Jan 15, 2009
Item:Set of 3 Pantiliners ~ Slight Seconds ~ Set 2
Customer service:Friendly with fast shipping!
Product review: Lovely and well-made!
2009-02-06 11:55:41
When purchased:
Jan 3, 2009
Item:Clearance Bin ~ Most less than $10 with $2 FC shipping!
Customer service:Such a sweet lady, she even sent inserts for this which we needed badly!
Product review: Have not used on a baby yet as the baby is still on the inside, but this appears to be very well made, it washed very well, and the laundry tabs didnt get stuck on anything else, etc like they do on a lot of diapers. the absolute only thing I dont like so far is that its hard to stuff, but its a nb sized pocket, so thats to be expected.
2009-02-05 11:59:45
When purchased:
Feb 2, 2009
Item:Horse Love ~ Size 2 (17/20 to 30+ lbs) Fitted *was $17.99
Customer service:Friendly, fast response time. Super fast shipping!
Product review: Lovely and well-made as always!
2009-02-05 06:12:02
When purchased:
Feb 2, 2009
Item:Butterflies n' Flowers ~ Size 2 Fitted * Was $17.99
Customer service:Friendly and fast shipping!
Product review: Beautiful and so well-made!
2009-02-05 06:11:36
When purchased:
Jan 3, 2009
Item:Bamboo ~ NINJA ~ Size 2 Fitted
Customer service:Great.
Product review: Very cute print. Dipe a little bulky, but very absorbent.
2009-01-29 11:14:06
When purchased:
Jan 15, 2009
Item:Clearance Bin ~ Most less than $10 with $2 FC shipping!
Customer service:awesome!
Product review: cutest softest spider diaper, can't wait for my newbie to wear it!
2009-01-23 07:45:03
When purchased:
Jan 2, 2009
Item:Clearance Bin ~ Most less than $10 with $2 FC shipping!
Customer service:Wonderful customer service! Wanted a different size so Meagan made me customs fitteds. She was wonderful to accomodate everything I wanted!
Product review: Love the diapers. Great fit, great absorbancy!
2009-01-08 10:19:37
When purchased:
Dec 6, 2008
Item:Iced Carnival ~ Women's Wallet~ HC$ Auction
Customer service:Great customer service. Thanks!
Product review: Nicely made wallet!
2009-01-06 01:51:02
When purchased:
Dec 18, 2008
Item:Handmade Wooden Post It Note Caddy
Customer service:no communication was done but the shipping was quick
Product review: great product,love my post it pad/note taker caddy
thank you for such a neat product
2008-12-31 02:46:05
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