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Mar 23, 2009
Item:PUL AIOs ~ Size 1 ~ **ooopsies batch means you save**
Customer service:great seller!! will buy from again!!
Product review: works great!!
2009-06-05 07:19:54
When purchased:
May 28, 2009
Item:I think its a fish? *Organic* OS T&T Fitted *Seconds*
Customer service:very friendly and very professional! super fast shipping
Product review: wonderful!! love this diaper very absorbant and fits PERFECT!! all together wonderful transaction
2009-06-03 04:00:29
When purchased:
May 18, 2009
Item:Strawberry Shortcake OS T&T Fitted *T-Cycled*
Customer service:
Product review: What a cute diaper! I can't believe it was a t-shirt before it became a diaper!
2009-06-02 10:10:06
When purchased:
May 15, 2009
Item:Superman OS 'nude' T&T Fitted *T-Cycled*
Customer service:very great service!! was quick to ship
Product review: love this diaper! it fits the baby perfect and is nice an trim between the legs
will be buying more diapers
2009-05-24 08:08:59
When purchased:
May 8, 2009
Item:Lator Gater ~ Polyester Print PUL ~ Size 2 AIO
Customer service:great communication & super fast shipping. She ever sent an extra soaker with my diaper!
Product review: great quality diaper! I'll definately buy again!
2009-05-12 03:46:02
When purchased:
May 3, 2009
Item:Fushia ~ 14" Overnight Mama Pad
Customer service:Awesome as always! (This is my 3rd purchase!) And super fast shipping!
Product review: Meaghan's sewing is perfect as always and the pads look amazing, I can't wait to try them.
2009-05-06 04:59:41
When purchased:
Apr 28, 2009
Item:Joshnshay ~ OS T&T Moose Tracks Fitted TESTER
Customer service:Above and beyond excellent!! Great communication!
Product review: Beautifully made diaper!!! Thank you soooo much!! It is gorgeous!!
2009-05-02 09:03:37
When purchased:
Apr 20, 2009
Item:Pocket Monkey ~ Simply Cotton Fitted ~ Size 1
Customer service:Very nice mom, and is currently helping me get some affordable customs. This diaper fits very trim.
Product review: Cute print at a great price. Love the fit. The size 1 just fits my 14month old at 17-18lbs. Hopefully we will be moving up soon. :)
2009-05-01 01:53:53
When purchased:
Apr 3, 2009
Item:Cotton Velour ~ Natural ~ By the Yard
Customer service:excellent, refunded extra shipping, kept in good contact
Product review: beautiful velour, thank you!
2009-04-29 12:48:37
When purchased:
Apr 2, 2009
Item:Flying Monkies *Tester* One Size (OSFM) T&T Fitted
Customer service:Great! Meaghan emailed me to let me know when she shipped my diaper which I appreciate very much. Fast shipping to Canada.
Product review: Great diaper and I love the fact that the snaps are hidden. The workmomship is excellent and it's very absorbent. Fits my son perfectly at the waist. Because he is a skinny baby, the thighs were a little loose but I did not experience any leaks. I will definitely purchase more of these if Meaghan decides to make them.
2009-04-28 10:29:27
When purchased:
Apr 17, 2009
Item:~Hershey~ One Size (OSFM) T&T Fitted
Customer service:Super fast shipping. Wonderfully Cute diaper
Product review:
2009-04-23 09:14:46
When purchased:
Mar 30, 2009
Item:Retro Girraffs ~ Size 2 Trim Fit ~ Simply Cotton Fitted
Customer service:Awesome.
Product review: Love this diaper, super cute, well made, awesome price.
2009-04-23 09:59:22
When purchased:
Mar 30, 2009
Item:Spring Floral ~ Size 2 Trim Fit ~ Simply Cotton Fitted
Customer service:Awesome customer service. Fast to answer my emails. All around very sweet!
Product review: Love this diaper. Love all our diapers by Meaghan. I will be back for more :)
2009-04-23 09:58:48
When purchased:
Mar 15, 2009
Item:Hemp AI2s ~ Size 2 Trim Fit ~ The "Dog Gone It!!!" Batch :)
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Fast shipping and super friendly, I'll be back for more!
2009-04-20 04:00:26
When purchased:
Mar 8, 2009
Item:Poly Print PUL AIO Trainers ~ Large
Customer service:fast shipping!
Product review: Awesome. Works great and adorable, can't beat that. Thanks!
2009-04-19 11:52:26
When purchased:
Apr 12, 2009
Item:Unders ~ Simply Cotton Fitted ~ Size 2
Customer service:Meaghan is awesome! Fast with emails, very sweet!
Product review: Awesome diapers. I ordered two diapers a couple weeks ago and then came back for more. The are made very well. The fit is great! Couldnt ask for anything better. I will be back for more soon :)
2009-04-19 06:09:15
When purchased:
Dec 6, 2008
Item: ~ Small Bugs In Jars Wetbag~ HC$ Auction!
Customer service:Fast and friendly.
Product review: Very well made wet bag! This gets sent back and forth to school with my dd and it's held up very well.
2009-04-18 09:32:31
When purchased:
Apr 8, 2009
Item:Cotton Velour ~ Natural ~ By the Yard
Customer service:Excellent Communication.
Product review: Beautiful velour! Thanks so much!
2009-04-16 12:51:11
When purchased:
Apr 10, 2009
Item:Black Olivia ~ Simply Cotton Fitted ~ Size 2
Customer service:A++
Product review: Adorable diaper, well made, thank you!!
2009-04-15 04:39:30
When purchased:
Dec 30, 2008
Item:Hot Couturier Retro Owl Yellow ~ Size 2 Fitted *clearance*
Customer service:Friendly and helpful with SUPER fast shipping!
Product review: Beautiful, well-made diaper (as always!)
2009-04-13 04:50:42
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