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Sep 14, 2010
One Size PUL Diaper Cover
Customer service:I Love this shop and the mama the runs it. The products are great and the customer service is even better. She is so sweet (shipping is fast too!)
Product review: The diapers that I have purchased here are always the first I go to after laundry day. So trim!
2010-09-18 04:22:55
When purchased:
Aug 2, 2010
Item:Chocolate Floral
OS Simply Snappiable Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Wonderful c/s!!
Product review: Love this diaper. Very good fit and great absorbency!!
2010-09-07 10:53:59
When purchased:
Aug 3, 2010
Item:**CUSTOM ** Retro Owls
One Size AI2, NB AI2, *or* OS Cover
Customer service:Wonderful. Communication was ongoing and very friendly.
Product review: So adorable! Can't wait to use it :)
2010-09-05 02:30:15
When purchased:
Aug 4, 2010
Item:**CUSTOM ** Blue Chicks
One Size AI2, NB AI2, *or* OS Cover
Customer service:Excellent customer service and awesome diaper. Will order from again.
Product review:
2010-08-26 10:13:08
When purchased:
Aug 9, 2010
Item:HTF Spiderman
Newborn Cotton Velour Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Speedy Shipping!!
Product review: So impressed with the diaper - it is cute as ever! Won't actually put it into use for a few months, but love the inner and out fabrics and it appears to be made quite well! Can't wait to use it!
2010-08-16 05:27:33
When purchased:
Aug 3, 2010
Item:Custom for Brandy - 3 OS AI2s
Customer service:It was so much fun to work with this mama on the custom order! She has excellent cs and I would buy from her anytime.
Product review: I love the diapers and my ds LOVES the diapers. So much that when the package came in he hugged and kissed them. Thw workmanship is amazing and I love her AI2 design.
2010-08-16 05:16:49
When purchased:
Aug 8, 2010
Item:**CUSTOM ** Turq. Ooga
One Size AI2, NB AI2, *or* OS Cover
Customer service:Wonderfully sweet WAH mama. I love doing business with her. She is quick to ship and answer e-mails. She is always willing to explain anything I don't understand and never treats my e-mails as an inconvenience.
Product review: AWESOME dipes. Her workmanship is amazing. Seriously. You will not be dissapointed if you order from this mama. Really cute PUL prints also. It can be hard to find cute prints if you are specifically into AIO's.
2010-08-16 05:14:16
When purchased:
Aug 2, 2010
Item:Custom for Alexis - 3 Simply Sherpa + 1 OS AI2
Customer service:Great communication!
Product review: Love, love, love my sherpa fitteds!! Will definately be getting more :) The AI2 is super cute too! Thanks again!
2010-08-07 06:12:49
When purchased:
Jul 24, 2010
Item:**CUSTOM ** Monkey
One Size AI2, NB AI2, *or* OS Cover
Customer service:Wonderful customer service. Quick to answer questions :)
Product review: Love, love, love this diaper cover. Very well made. Will definitely make more purchases from this wonderful WAHM.
2010-08-05 10:10:38
When purchased:
Jul 25, 2010
Item:HTF Vintage Baby Mickey
Newborn Cotton Velour Fitted Diaper
Customer service:Very quick shipping. Arrived in less than a week!
Product review: Very well made and fit my 5lb 11oz peanut like a dream! Not many NB diapers do! However this diaper fit perfectly! I plan on purchasing some more!
2010-07-29 05:19:41
When purchased:
Apr 2, 2010
~Trim Fit~ One Size Fitted Diaper
Customer service:good!
Product review: perfect for my little Batman fan!! he loves this diaper!! fits great and absorbant too!
2010-07-03 12:24:20
When purchased:
Jun 26, 2010
Item:Custom for Rebecka - 3 OS Fitteds
Customer service:She's wonderful! Prompt replies and makes sure to get your order exactly how you want it.
Product review: I have never felt diapers so soft! Beautiful stitching. Definitely my first grab after doing laundry.
2010-06-30 12:06:26
When purchased:
Jun 18, 2010
Item:*Custom Slot *
Diapers Made to Order
CUSTOMS will close 6/20 and re-open 7/15
Customer service:Amazing!!!
Product review: Absolutely love these diaper!! My favorites of my stash!
2010-06-30 12:03:49
When purchased:
Jun 26, 2010
Item:**CUSTOM ** Ninjas
One Size AI2, NB AI2, *or* OS Cover
Customer service:I received my order within a couple days of purchase & was very pleased. Packaging was very professional. Great customer service! Also, thank you Meaghan, for the free LilOutlaws sample of wipe solution! I love it!
Product review: I was so excited to receive the OS ninja diaper in the mail. It's very well made, incredibly soft, fits well and no leaks! Thanks!
2010-06-29 06:17:30
When purchased:
Jun 23, 2010
Boo-Boo Rice Bag
Customer service:
Product review: so adorable.... Love them! thank you
2010-06-25 01:36:39
When purchased:
Jan 8, 2010
Item:Pink Bubbles
Newborn Bamboo A12
Customer service:good service, prompt shipping.
Product review: adorable little diapers, the cord snap down is perfectly placed (for our little guy anyways)

Great fit at birth (8lb 14oz) and still some growing room at 10 days old (unsure of weight, but certainly not less than birth!).
2010-06-25 12:22:20
When purchased:
Jun 4, 2010
Item:Primary Verigated
OS Economy Sherpa Fitted
Customer service:was clear on all policies.
Product review: Absolutely love my diaper!! Am going to invest in some cute designs now.
2010-06-18 07:20:46
When purchased:
Jun 6, 2010
Item:6 pack
OS Economy Sherpa Fitted
Customer service:I had a couple of questions for the seller, and she returned my emails promptly and was extremely helpful. My order shipped very quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised by how soon it arrived!
Product review: These diaper are so soft, squishy, and stretchy! They are adorable and a great fit on my baby girl (17mo, 23 lb.). They're stretchy enough that she has lots of room to grow, but I have no doubt they'll fit my newborn very soon. I definitely plan on ordering more!
2010-06-15 12:06:23
When purchased:
May 20, 2010
Item:6 pack
OS Economy Sherpa Fitted
Customer service:Excellent communications, fast shipping!
Product review: These diapers are great for a budget! We love them!
2010-06-12 11:36:58
When purchased:
Jun 5, 2010
Item:Spring Blooms
Designer Sherpa Wipes
3 Pack
Customer service:Amazing
Product review: I ordered approx 23 wipes. These are absolutely the most beautiful things I use to wipe my adorable baby's tooshy with! The quality was exceptional, especially for a wipe, and my shipment arrived before I even had time to be impatient! You have a great product and great store!
2010-06-11 09:37:24
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