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Jan 10, 2012
Item:*FFS* Facebook Fans Giveaway! 8-pack bamboo wipes
Customer service:
Product review: Wipes are SO soft and perfectly made. Thank you so much!!!
2012-01-26 04:38:55
When purchased:
Jan 3, 2012
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Choice of Print
Customer service:Great, fast, friendly contact!
Product review: ADORABLE! And, more importantly, they fit great! They are wonderful. Thanks so much.
2012-01-20 11:18:04
When purchased:
Jan 6, 2012
Item:Bamboo Fleece Wipes, 8"x6", 4-pack Pink and Black Hearts
Customer service:Super fast shipping!
Product review: Real cute wipes :)
2012-01-09 08:03:03
When purchased:
Dec 18, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Robots and Rockets
Customer service:Great customer service, and the diapers came quickly.
Product review: I just completed my diaper stash. Had to order from Little Lemon Tree for a second time because out of all the diapers I ordered from several WAHMS, Little Lemon Tree's were the most well-made with a very reasonable price!
2012-01-04 02:30:19
When purchased:
Dec 23, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Pink Ooga Booga Print
Customer service:Arrived quickly
Product review: Just fine. Materials do seem thin/cheap though.
2011-12-30 08:41:03
When purchased:
Dec 15, 2011
Item:*Auction* Win a Stash of One-Size PUL Pocket Diapers
Customer service:Very prompt shipping!
Product review: I got an incredible deal on this auction, and I couldn't be happier! Super cute prints, and the diapers are nice and trim on my 6week old. I'll definitely be buying more down the road!
2011-12-24 12:18:52
When purchased:
Jul 30, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Blue Ooga Booga
Customer service:Great! Fast shipping!
Product review: I love my Little Lemon Tree diaper. Great fit and absorbancy. The diaper and insert are well made, too!
2011-12-02 11:08:15
When purchased:
Sep 8, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Cow Print
Customer service:Excellent. Arrives on a timely matter.
Product review: Love their diapers!!!! Soft , easy to care for, great prints to choose from.
2011-11-28 01:07:46
When purchased:
Jul 18, 2011
Item:Lounge Pants Customs, NB-4T
Customer service:Great!
Product review: I love these pants! They are so comfortable for my son. When we got them they were a little big, I ordered them that way. Now at 2 years old and 33lbs they fit him great!
2011-11-19 06:47:37
When purchased:
Oct 28, 2011
Item:One-Size Pocket Diaper, 3 pack of Assorted Colors and Prints
Customer service:I ordered three diapers and received them in less than a week! Thanks so much.
Product review: I Won't get to use them until baby arrives, but they look well-made. I absolutely love the prints.
2011-11-03 09:55:38
When purchased:
Oct 31, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Black and Blue
Customer service:Excellent, very prompt shipping time.
Product review: Beautiful and professional quality/workmanship. I can't wait to try it on my little one!
2011-11-02 05:35:41
When purchased:
Oct 23, 2011
Item:*SALE*One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Green Hearts Print
Customer service:I ordered on Monday and received the diaper by wednesday :)
Product review: The diaper fits great and is so cute! I like that it's not too bulky for my 14 lb daughter, but still plenty of room to grow.
2011-10-29 06:39:23
When purchased:
Jul 10, 2011
Item:Hemp Doublers, 6-pack
Customer service:Fast delivery.
Product review: Wondeful product. A great addition to my stash.
2011-09-23 09:09:52
When purchased:
Aug 31, 2011
Item:Lounge Pants, 12 months, Pink Giraffes Print
Customer service:good communication.
Product review: diaper looks very well made. Fit is excellent.
lounge pants are super cute and professionally finished.
2011-09-20 03:31:23
When purchased:
Aug 31, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Ninjas
Customer service:Didn't need customer service
Product review: Received my diaper quickly and we love it!
2011-09-15 10:39:25
When purchased:
Aug 30, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Blue Ooga Booga
Customer service:Fast Delivery
Product review: I love the diaper and I plan on getting more Little Lemon Trees in the future.
2011-09-09 01:18:25
When purchased:
Aug 6, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Dr. Suess T1T2
Customer service:Prompt service.
Product review: Love the structure of these diapers. No leaks. My grand babies love the bright colors and pictures. We have three now , looking forward to purchasing more in the future.
2011-08-17 04:07:22
When purchased:
Jul 20, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Moss Green
Customer service:Great communication and fast international shipping
Product review: Very well-made, fits my baby perfectly!
2011-08-11 10:30:26
When purchased:
Aug 3, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Lime/Blue/Burgandy Ooga Booga
Customer service:A+
Product review: Love it! Thanks!!!
2011-08-09 03:40:08
When purchased:
Aug 3, 2011
Item:One-Size PUL Pocket Diaper, Red Dalmations
Customer service:Quick service. Received my red dalmantion diaper. The babies love it!
Product review: Love it.
2011-08-08 03:34:20
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