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Oct 31, 2014
Item:Star Minky AI2 front Snap, One Size ( Size 2 12-35lbs) Bamboo, cotton and zorb insert
Customer service:Wonderful as always!
Product review: I love the way the diapers can fit my 7 mo old and my 24 mo old!
2014-11-02 04:24:11
When purchased:
Oct 31, 2014
Item: Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper, Onesize, CV/Org Cotton/ Bamboo Insert
Customer service:Thanks!
Product review: Love it!
2014-11-02 04:22:58
When purchased:
Oct 31, 2014
Item:Star Minky AI2 front Snap, One Size ( Size 2 12-35lbs) Bamboo, cotton and zorb insert
Customer service:Wonderful Customer Service!
Product review: This diaper is so soft, I love the Minky, I may have to get another one soon!
2014-10-31 02:22:00
When purchased:
Oct 29, 2014
Item: Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper, Onesize, serged with Wooly Nylon for Baby's comfort
Customer service:Super fast shipping and timely notifications. I love having a tracking number! Thanks.
Product review: Cute Hybrid Fitted, it's very soft on the inside, and I love the outer fabric.
2014-10-29 10:39:55
When purchased:
Oct 29, 2014
Item:AI2 Front Snap, One Size (size 1) (8-30lbs), CV/Hemp Fleece Snap in trifold insert.
Customer service:Wonderful!
Product review: Fits great and super cute!
2014-10-29 10:37:46
When purchased:
Oct 5, 2014
Item:Wool Longies, medium-large size (12-24 months).
Customer service:Spectacular!!
Product review: Listing said 12-24 months. I get the perfect fit on both my tall skinny 13 month old by cuffing, and my short stalky 2.5 yr old, who wears 18-24 month pants, with room to grow. They held overnight on my heavy wetter. I am SOLD!!
2014-10-12 04:33:11
When purchased:
Sep 7, 2014
Item:Custom Listing for Nancy
Customer service:Wonderful service! Suzanna went out of her way to work with us on creating the designs for our diapers. We would absolutely recommend working with her to create your own special diaper(s).
Product review: We were so impressed with the diapers when we saw the photos, but when the diapers arrived yesterday we were thrilled with the quality of fabric and workmanship - even better than the pictures! We can't wait for the little guy to be born and begin to wear his Firefly diapers! :)
2014-09-12 04:19:58
When purchased:
Aug 30, 2014
Item:Harry Potter Inspired AI2 Side Snap, One Size (Size 2) (10-35lbs), Bamboo and Org Cotton Inserts
Customer service:Shipping was quick and the whole process of purchasing a diaper from this seller was speedy and enjoyable.
Product review: The diaper and inserts are very good. The quality is good and the diaper fits well. The snaps are tricky at first, but I am getting used to them. The inserts are excellent quality and are very absorbent. I love the Harry Potter theme and overall I am very satisfied with this purchase.
2014-09-06 02:40:25
When purchased:
Sep 1, 2014
Item:Daryl Dixon Inspired AI2 Side Snap, One Size (Size 2) (10-35lbs), Bamboo and Cotton Inserts
Customer service:Thank you for going above and beyond great customer service:) I can't wait to receive the amazing diapers
Product review:
2014-09-04 10:44:38
When purchased:
Aug 28, 2014
Item:Amazingly Soft 100% Cashmere longies. Size medium 10-20lbs- possibly larger
Customer service:Absolutely phenomenal service. Thank you
Product review: Very great quality. I am very pleased and I am very happy with the purchase of my wool longies. Thank you for your fast shipping and quality products.
2014-09-03 01:11:21
When purchased:
May 3, 2014
Item:Super Soft 100% Wool Diaper Cover, OneSize, Fold Down Rise
Customer service:I was really happy with the product I got when I initially received it. I posted feedback to her Facebook page which only has a small amount of followers. I received no response on my review which kind of bummed me out. First small-business used always get back to your customers.
Product review: Overall I'm satisfied with this product. The wall is in great condition very nice and thick. I was really a static my first got this product, but after a few uses I noted noticed a couple things. First this is not a one size diaper. Was meant to go over fitted diapers and this definitely is a little small for that. On my 22 pound baby with a fitted I have to use the very end of the snaps. Also the snaps on the front are dangerously close the surging. I'm actually pretty sure the overtime the button and the surging will meet and cause problems. But overall I am happy. I know just use a simple presold underneath.
2014-06-06 03:28:28
When purchased:
Apr 4, 2014
Item:Super Trim 100% Wool Diaper Cover, OneSize, Fold Down Rise
Customer service:Great Customer service; communication good.
Product review: Wool diaper cover perfect, well made and just what we wanted. Ordered the wool liners too, nice and sturdy. Would order again from Creaking Wood just waiting for the baby to arrive and figure out the system that works for us.
2014-04-12 01:40:06
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