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Aug 20, 2008
Item:Wild Horses Medium OBV Fitted
Customer service:The diaper was shipped very quickly with a nice thank you note included.
Product review: This diaper is just beautiful! So soft too! I was positively thrilled when I opened the package today. The quality is obvious!! The print is carefully placed, nice edges, soft fabric, and nice, tight snaps. I can't wait to use it!
2008-08-25 11:32:24
When purchased:
Jul 17, 2008
Item:Grazing Horses Medium OBV Fitted
Customer service:Fantastic! Always a pleasure to work with this woman. : )
Product review: Love the diaper. It's a little big on my guy right now but it gives us plenty of growing room. : )
2008-08-22 03:41:18
When purchased:
Jul 27, 2008
Item:Chugga chugga Trains XL OBV Fitted
Customer service:Great!
Product review: These are just dreamy filled with such squishiness! We are excited...thank you! :)
2008-08-04 01:39:43
When purchased:
Jul 14, 2008
Item:Bunnytown S/M OBV Fitted *Second*
Customer service:Great! No further inquiries needed. Informed me when diaper was shipped.
Product review: Lovely diaper! So soft and squishy, an adorable print and fits my son wonderfully.
2008-07-31 02:02:05
When purchased:
Jun 13, 2008
Item:Pink Bus Medium OBV Fitted
Customer service:Good communication and fast shipping.
Product review: I love the print and the OBV is so soft. It does fit a bit snug in the waist on my chunky girl so I am getting a large next purchase. Legs and bum fit well.
2008-07-26 03:15:43
When purchased:
Jul 9, 2008
Item:Black and Blue OBV/OBF Bubblefold
Customer service:Fast shipping
Product review: Love the prefold ,well made .
2008-07-23 01:10:57
When purchased:
Jul 2, 2008
Item:Funky Tulips OBV/OBF Bubblefold
Customer service:n/a
Product review: fine, very cute.
2008-07-10 07:29:40
When purchased:
Jun 14, 2008
Item:City Streets OBV/OBF bubblefold *Lottery*
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Won the lottery and the prefold had a hole in it which wasn't noted in the listing so she remade me a new one in the fabric if my choosing! Workmanship was awesome! I will now be purchasing some of these great prefolds made with yummy OBV!
2008-07-06 09:10:52
When purchased:
Jun 27, 2008
Item:Bears & Pears Small OBV Fitted
Customer service:Excellent! Great communication! :)
Product review: I love, love, love, my bears and pears fitted! Of course, my lil girl is still in the womb, so I can't try it out yet, but it is just so soft! I will definitely do business with BBD again!
2008-07-02 04:04:36
When purchased:
Jun 14, 2008
Item:Mad Sky Floral Large OBV Fitted
Customer service:Fast shipping, great communication!
Product review: Love her diapers! We have a growing stash from her!
2008-06-27 02:45:59
When purchased:
Jun 16, 2008
Item:Mmmm Cupcakes Large OBV Fitted
Customer service:Great communication, fast shipping!
Product review: Great diaper as always! I'm coming back for more!
2008-06-27 02:45:24
When purchased:
Jun 12, 2008
Item:Custom PP Fitted for Angel
Customer service:customer service was wonderful. she even emailed me to tell me that she wasnt happy with the sizing of my custom diaper and she redid it for me. And she included an extra doubler! that is a nice touch.
Product review: the diaper fits great and is very well made.
2008-06-12 06:00:14
When purchased:
May 26, 2008
Item:Popeye S/M OBV Fitted
Customer service:Great Customer Service. Very friendly and super fast shipping. Thanks!
Product review: Because of this diaper - I'm now officially hooked on fitteds. I thought all fitteds would be like prefolds in that they would soak through really fast. The Bubble Butt diaper I purchased didn't even need a cover it was so absorbant. My super soaker was able to wear it for about 1.5 hours before I noticed any damness. This diaper was very well made and super soft and squishy.
2008-06-03 05:06:36
When purchased:
May 15, 2008
Item:Alice in Wonderland Medium OBV Fitted
Customer service:customer service was very good. there was even an extra doubler thrown in!
Product review: the diaper is gorgeous and wonderfully made. i love snaps and the diaper was wonderfully priced especially with a hard to find fabric.
2008-05-21 02:17:40
When purchased:
May 5, 2008
Item:Rainforest Small OCV Fitted
Customer service:Super fast shipping, great packaging.
Product review: Item is just as desribed.

Thank you!!!
2008-05-09 03:13:25
When purchased:
Apr 23, 2008
Item:Medium OBV Fitted
Customer service:Shipped in a timely manner.
Product review:
2008-04-30 12:22:34
When purchased:
Mar 17, 2008
Item:"Monkey Face" Large OBV Fitted
Customer service:Excellent, received item very quickly.
Product review: Absolutely adorable print. The fit is great and I really like the snap placement. Very well made.
2008-04-08 11:20:44
When and where purchased:

From Bubble Butt Diapers hyena cart, November 14, 2007

Specific item:

Girl Grab Bag (3 large diapers)

Customer service:

Excellent communication. The mama got right back to me in response to all my questions.

Product review:

They fit great and are absorbent.
When and where purchased:

Order #1017, 7/20/2007

Specific item:

Medium Winnie the Pooh Velour Fitted

Customer service:

Just fine! No communication problems. Was delivered in a week.

Product review:

Very cute dipe! No baby to try it out on yet, but I love the looks of it & it's very soft inside.
When and where purchased:

Order #1022, 7/27/2007

Specific item:

sleepy bear minkee fitted

Customer service:

no issues, delivery in 4 days

Product review:

very nice for my little guy. SOOO soft!!! nicely sewn. thanks!
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