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Feb 14, 2011
Item:WAHM Samples - Liquid Wool Wash Box 1
Customer service:Fast shipping, great WAHM
Product review: Perfect, great packaging, exactly what I needed! Thanks!
2011-03-09 11:22:22
When purchased:
Feb 19, 2011
Item:Luxe Lotion
Customer service:There was no need for communication. Items were shipped quickly and packaged well.
Product review: Awesome, as always!
2011-03-06 05:08:30
When purchased:
Feb 23, 2011
Item:Deet-Free Natural Mosquito Buster Spray
Customer service:fast shipping, good communication!
Product review: LOVE these products! I know the conditioner is great, can't wait to try the bug repellent, and I love the freebie! Thank you!
2011-03-01 04:16:58
When purchased:
Feb 13, 2011
Item:Simplicity Conditioner
Customer service:good communication, fast shipping
Product review: WOW this stuff is amazing! I can't figure out how to make my own conditioner, and I'm so glad i went with Naturally Luxe! My daughter's hair got totally dried out from swimming in salt water on a recent vacation. It was like straw and we couldn't comb through it. Got home, used this conditioner, and it was amazing! Her hair was hydrated with the first use, and I easily got a comb through her long thick hair. I bought her a bottle of her choice as well as an extra just in case. Hoping the insect spray is this great too because we're trying that!
2011-02-25 11:29:47
When purchased:
Feb 12, 2011
Item:WAHM Samples - Liquid Wool Wash Box 3
Customer service:Fantastic as always.
Product review: Wool wash arrived in perfect form as always. Naturally Luxe is the best out there!
2011-02-23 09:45:20
When purchased:
Oct 23, 2009
Item:WOW Organic Liquid Wool Wash 4 oz
Customer service:Fast shipping, excellent communication, wonderful seller.
Product review: Amazing products - seriously the best wool wash available on planet earth. Thanks so much.
2011-02-17 12:42:12
When purchased:
Feb 12, 2011
Item:Lanolin Spray 2 oz
Customer service:Fast shipping. Good prices, too! Will be buying from again!
Product review: The WOW wash is awesome stuff! So is the conditioning spray.
2011-02-16 05:20:58
When purchased:
Jan 10, 2011
Item:WOW Organic Liquid Wool Wash 16 oz You Pick Scent
Customer service:Quick shipping!
Product review: I love your wool wash and your spray lanolin. Best of all the brands I've tried. Thanks for making a great product!
2011-02-14 06:29:03
When purchased:
Sep 27, 2010
Item:Bruise Balm with Arnica
Customer service:Fast shipping.
Product review: Great product!
2011-02-14 10:12:45
When purchased:
Jan 14, 2011
Item:Lanolin Spray 8 oz
Customer service:Awesome!
Product review: Great product, will ONLY use this! And the scent is to die for (cake)
2011-02-11 10:57:17
When purchased:
Dec 5, 2010
Item:Luxe Lotion
Customer service:Great C/S, fast shipping, great communication.
Product review: Great lotion, soaks right into my skin. I use it on my face and I love how hydrating it is. A++++
2011-02-07 09:51:44
When purchased:
Jan 18, 2011
Item:WOW Organic Wool Wash Bar
Customer service:fast shipping!
Product review: Thank you so much for a great quality product time after time!
2011-02-04 09:12:30
When purchased:
Jan 28, 2011
Item:Luxe Lotion
Customer service:Whitney always gives great service - very quick to respond to any questions and to send out scent samples. Thank you!
Product review: I received my products quickly and they smell wonderful! The lotion goes on so nicely and is moisturizing without any greasiness at all. Thank you!
2011-02-04 12:59:26
When purchased:
Jan 15, 2011
Item:WOW Organic Liquid Wool Wash 4 oz
Customer service:Prompt shipping.
Product review: Love it.
2011-01-21 09:18:38
When purchased:
Aug 25, 2010
Item:Luxe Lotion *New Lower Price*
Customer service:Wonderful
Product review: Fantistic lotion I will be back for more. Makes my skin so soft, Thank you
2011-01-21 06:26:10
When purchased:
Jan 11, 2011
Item:Luxe Lotion
Customer service:Great packaging and quick shipping.
Product review: Always the best lotion and wool wash ever! Picked up a baby wash this time for the new little one and can't wait to use it on him, it smells heavenly.
2011-01-20 03:41:52
When purchased:
Sep 23, 2010
Item:WOW Organic Liquid Wool Wash 8 oz
Customer service:Fast shipping
Product review: Amazing wool wash. The baby bee scent is better than any other wool wash I've ever tried.
2011-01-16 09:28:44
When purchased:
Dec 6, 2010
Item:Luxe Lotion
Customer service:great as always.
Product review: Love it!
2011-01-12 10:56:27
When purchased:
Dec 19, 2010
Item:Luxe Lotion
Customer service:Whitney is wonderful to work with! So friendly, helpful and generous. Shipping is always very quick and each time the cart has added too many shipping charges Whitney has made sure to refund me.
Product review: I can't say enough about Naturally Luxe Lotion. I was down to my last bottle and a half and didn't want to take any chances whatsoever on running out, so I reordered. The lipbalms are also fantastic. I use mine daily, as does my young son, especially in this cold winter weather. Another favourite NL product is the Body Wash/Bubble Bath. It lathers up so beautifully, and is so gentle on my son's sensitive skin. Tried a new scent this time--Cinnamon Frosting--and it is yummy!
2011-01-09 08:48:36
When purchased:
Dec 18, 2010
Item:WOW Organic Liquid Wool Wash 4 oz
Customer service:FAST shipping!
Product review: I love your wool wash! A little goes a long way, seriously! Smells yummy too :)
2010-12-30 09:48:49
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