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When purchased:
Dec 2, 2010
Item:Wipe Cubes
Customer service:Fast shipping, thanks!
Product review: Great wipes cubes, will def. be back for more.
2011-01-05 08:22:36
When purchased:
Sep 23, 2010
Item:NEW- Fitted Diapers (size 2)
Customer service:fast shipping, good communication
Product review: LOVE these prefitteds! super great overnight system, and they fit my chunky lil girl wonderfully!
2010-11-22 11:19:51
When purchased:
Nov 1, 2010
Item:Wipe Cubes
Customer service:Quick shipping, thanks:)
Product review: Really nice wipes cubes! Melt easily, the water doesn't get musty b.c. of the grapefruit seed extract and they keep babe's skin clear and clean. Thanks!
2010-11-08 01:11:47
When purchased:
Sep 8, 2010
Item:SALE! Large old style
Customer service:fast shipping, resolved small issue super well!
Product review: MY FAVORITE NEW DIAPERS! I am going to be back many times! I also got a used lot on Spots which is how I discovered these, and I'm ready to stock my whole stash with these! Awesome night diaper!
2010-09-13 04:41:51
When purchased:
Sep 3, 2010
Customer service:Amazing! All of my questions were promptly answered and my stuff was mailed out the day after I bought it.
Product review: The wipes are really soft and the diapers have a great fit on my 6 month old and my 21 month old. And the whole package smelled amazing from the bum cream and sample of laundry detergent. I will definitely buy from Little Bear Bums again :)
2010-09-13 02:43:44
When purchased:
May 23, 2010
Item:Bum Balm
Customer service:Super nice and helpful!
Product review: I love how these dipes fit, both the new and old style! And my hubby is a huge fan also! Ordering more ASAP! : )
2010-06-04 12:30:40
When purchased:
Jan 5, 2010
Item:Hand-dyed Little Bear Bums Fitteds - Size 1
Customer service:recieved order in a very timely manner...ordered
on the Jan.5th-arrived Jan.15th, considering the distance I was very happy!
Product review: These are so very soft, well put together, super eye candy colors...can't believe these were once plain P.Fs excited to use these on our 8th blessing.
Most of all, In a not so great economy...
I am truly greatful to find a quality product at such a "great price"....I salute the mothers who work to make a fun,affordable, quality workhorse solution for cloth diapering moms.Bravo!
2010-01-16 10:37:47
When purchased:
Dec 31, 2009
Item:Bum Balm
Customer service:
Product review: awsome product, not greasy & smells great too!!
2010-01-07 04:15:59
When purchased:
Oct 16, 2009
Item:Hand-dyed Little Bear Bums Fitteds - Size 1
Customer service:Good customer service. The order shipped out quickly, came wrapped very nicely and even had a little sample of soap with it.
Product review: I ordered a size 1 and size 2 Little Bear Bums fitteds, because I have 2 in diapers. They are cute, just like the picture. The size 2 fits my 2 1/2 year old and would work for the 5 month old if I fold down the front. The size 1 fits my 5 month old, but not for long. I ordered the dyed ones, but I might order just the unbleached next time, because I like that rustic look! I don't know about how they will stand up to many washings, but I'm going to assume they will last well.
2009-10-21 12:51:43
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