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When purchased:
Apr 5, 2009
Item:Domino Pads Pantyliner - Hand Dyed
Customer service:Wonderful.
Product review: Quick Shipping, free sample. Very nicely made pads. Look beautiful.
2009-04-10 03:20:30
When purchased:
Apr 5, 2009
Item:Domino Pads 'Tiny' Liner - Hand Dyed
Customer service:Very fast shipping, great communication.
Product review: Beautiful, well made and soft! Thanks so much. :)
2009-04-09 10:36:41
When purchased:
Apr 5, 2009
Item:The Stash - 10 pads at 10% off - Hand Dyed
Customer service:Amazing customer service. I placed this order and was contacted so quickly to follow up with my custom order. It was shipped to me so quickly too!
Product review: Beautiful pads, great fabrics and craftsmanship. The dye jobs are absolutely beautiful too! I will be a loyal customer to Domino Pads from now on!
2009-04-09 05:57:22
When purchased:
Mar 1, 2009
Item:Set of 24 Large Hemp Fleece Wipes
Customer service:Excellent experience. Shipped promptly, smooth and easy transaction.
Product review: Beautifully made wipes, very soft but durable. Love them!
2009-03-07 06:08:16
When purchased:
Feb 17, 2009
Item:4 Reusable Sandwich Bags and FREE Snack Bag
Customer service:
Product review: Great! Love them! Thanks so much!!!
2009-02-28 12:07:37
When purchased:
Feb 13, 2009
Item:3-pack of any of our Domino Pads - Regular
Customer service:Excellent customer service. Very helpful!
Product review: Domino Pads are, by far, my favorite mama cloth out there. They are super soft, absorbent, and the customer service is amazing. Thanks!
2009-02-21 02:47:13
When purchased:
Jan 31, 2009
Item:The Stash - 10 pads at 10% off
Customer service:Excellent communication and fast shipping.
Product review: I had to come back for more of these pads, so I got the stash. They are all well-made and so soft. I would recommend them to anyone!
2009-02-13 09:07:15
When purchased:
Jan 14, 2009
Item:Set of 24 Large Hemp Fleece Wipes
Customer service:Awsome!
Product review: I love love love these wipes, I already had 2 dozen and they are so wonderful I needed 2 dozen more!!
2009-01-30 01:41:46
When purchased:
Dec 2, 2008
Item:Domino Pads 'Tiny' Liner
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Wonderful, well-made pads. I will be back for more!!
2009-01-15 09:13:18
When purchased:
Oct 27, 2008
Item:One Heavy Regular Length Domino Pad
Customer service:Fast shipping and nice packaging.
Product review: This was my third purchase from Domino Pads. I have pads from several different companies, and some that I've sewn myself, but the Domino Pads are my favorite. They are soft, very absorbent, and a very good price. I'll definitely purchase from Domino again the next time I need pads.
2008-12-17 06:42:25
When purchased:
Nov 20, 2008
Item:3-pack of any of our Domino Pads - Petite
Customer service:Good. Didn't receive an answer to my question, but I did get fast shipping.
Product review: I can't say enough about these pads-- the work is super high quality, the bamboo is sooooo soft, and the design of the tabs makes them not bulky at all. I really like the simple aesthetic too (just black and white). I'll definitely be coming back for more!
2008-12-04 08:43:13
When purchased:
Aug 18, 2008
Item:One Medium Regular Length Domino Pad
Customer service:Great friendly customer service!
Product review: It's soooo soft! It almost makes me not want to use it! I definitely will buy more when I have the funds.
2008-09-02 03:43:09
When purchased:
Aug 21, 2008
Item:Domino Pads Heavy - Long Length
Customer service:Fantastic! Great communication and helpful answers to my questions! Fast shipping!
Product review: Love them. Absolutely love them. Beautifully made!
2008-09-01 09:45:31
When purchased:
Aug 13, 2008
Item:Domino Pads Heavy - Regular Length
Customer service:Super fast shipping!
Product review: Nice quality!
2008-08-18 02:13:55
When purchased:
Jul 1, 2008
Item:3-pack of any of our Domino Pads
Customer service:awesome mama!!! very nice and helpful!
Product review: LOVE THEM!!! they are nice and thin so no bulk!!
2008-08-11 02:36:43
When purchased:
Jul 31, 2008
Item:Domino Pads Heavy - Long Length
Customer service:NOT really a negative transaction just a thought.

I haven't tried my Domino pad yet but I was very surprised when I received it. I'll let you know how I like them.....I just thought that you'd like to know that way it's laid out the Quanity column looks like amount per package.....not quanity in stock.

You may want to rethink your Quanity column. When I bought mine the numbers in the columns were mostly 4's and (being really new to this) I was suprised that something that looked a lot better than the Galdrags I'm now using could be a lot cheaper. Oh well, maybe I'm just a lot more mixed up than most people.

The pad is beautiful by the way.
Product review:
2008-08-07 09:59:29
Seller response: Hi Kristina,
unfortunately I don't have much control over how the listings are displayed through Hyena Cart.
The best I could do to clarify is show in each listing what is included, for example the the wording in the listing for the pad you purchased is: "This listing is for one heavy absorbency cloth pad"
As you found out by now the numbers in the quantity column only reflect total amount available. I am sorry you were disappointed in your purchase. I would certainly be happy to take the pad back for a refund!

Please let me know what you would like to do!

2008-08-07 10:10:20
Buyer resolution: Karin, I wasn't disappointed in the pad, I was just expecting more of them. So there will not be any need for a refund :) I think the longer length will work better for me than the Gladrags but I'll have to wait 3 weeks to find out. Kristina.
2008-08-08 08:29:27
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